Schtrom360Xtract: Details / Download
Xbox Backup Creator: Details / Download
abgx360: Details / Download

Harddrive Tools

HDDHackr: Details / Download
Xplorer360: Details / Download

DVD Tools

CK3 Tool: Details / Download
DVDKey32: Details / Download
DosFlash: Details / Download
JungleFlasher: Details / Download
Maximus 360 Xtractor Reader: Details / Download

Modified DVD Firmware

Xbox 360 Drive Firmware
Samsung kreon drive Firmware
iXtreme 0800 Firmware

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After three year's of Reading/Studying I managed to complete my PC Repair course, also keeping up with the last news on Hardware/Software. Got my New Computer up and Running, Participate in Windows 7 beta 7000 and 7100 Build, Played with 450+ Applications from MaximumPC. Reading Microsoft Windows XP Inside Out, 2nd Edition plus trying to Master Home Networking net help anyone/? So I decided to start hacking my Xbox360 and everything went fine. I put together all the tools that I used here for You guys, I hope you enjoy it and fine it useful. What's Hacked in my house you ask Satellite: LimeSat Console: Xbox360 Linksys Router: Tomato Firmware.

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