Q:How do I flash my x360 drive?

Flashing your drive requires you voiding the Warranty on your Xbox 360. You'll be required to take apart you console, which allows you to get access to the 360 DVD drive. There are four types of drives that your Xbox may be using. They are: Hitachi, Samsung, BenQ and LiteOn. Out of the four, the LiteOn drive is typically the hardest to flash. Dumping the key requires the use of a Connectivity Kit.

Flashing the Samsung, BenQ, and Hitachi's are typically, a fairly easy process. The "easy" factor shared among the four of them is the use of a DVD key. The drive's firmware matches a key which also matches to the console. If the key is lost, you have successfully converted your drive into a DVD player. Nice job.

Flashing tutorials can be found in many places. I would suggest checking JungleFlasher's Tutorial and JungleFlasher TroubleShooting Guide on How-to flash your x360 drive, 64Bit OS now supported, with JungleFlasher 0.1.69 (75) Uses Schtrom's driver portIO driver, which includes 64bit support.

Q:Where can I get help?

For hardware support plus more tutorial's check out Team-Xecuter.com or Technical DVD-ROM and Modified DVD Firmware Forum on Xbox-Scene.com and Xboxhacker.org Read the Rules before Posting Anything.

Q:What is The Best and Easiest x360 drive To Flash?

Benq VAD6038 you need no DVD Key Extract like the LiteOn's no extra work that's need when flashing Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L with iXtreme Firmware, noting but a SATA Cable and Power to the drive.

The Hitachi GDR-3120L has shipped with numerous firmware revisions during its tenure, they are 32/36/40/46/47/58/59/78/79. Auto-flashers and scripted firmware tools have made firmware modding the Hitachi very easy. But, unlike the Samsung drive, it is possible to brick your Hitachi drive if care is not taken to ensure you are following the correct procedures. Note: New Hitachi-LG Version 0500AA DVD drive model (DL10N) for Slim consoles can't be dumped Yet.

There are currently two revisions of the TS-H943 drive out in the wild; the MS25 and MS28. Virtually impossible to brick by flashing the firmware, this drive is the most forgiving and easy to work with drive to date. The MS25 is a very popular drive due to how easily you can flash the firmware.

The MS28 requires hardware modifications and special techniques to allow flashing the firmware. Other than these extra steps it is virtually the same as a MS25. Nevertheless these steps can complicated making it considerably more difficult to work with if you are not familiar with the techniques.

The LiteOn drive is typically the hardest to flash and requires the use of a Connectivity Kit v3 sold by diygadget, Team Xecuter or 360xtractorpro. The MRA Method this has been tested and working on all drives including 74850, 83850 v1, 83850 v2 & 93450 - including BOTH the MXIC & WINBOND chipsets.

You only need to use this method with the Liteon 83850 V2 and 93450 Drives. You do NOT need any laser calibration data from a full firmware dump so it is pointless doing this method with earlier versions of drive (74850 you simply dump the drive key using the Probe function and the 83850 v1 you can dump the drive key without using the probe just your normal SATA Port). Slim LiteOn 9504 can also be dumped using your normal SATA Port No additional hardware is required, LiteOn 0225 PROGRESS COMPLETE in Testing. New LiteOn drive again this one is manufactured in March 2011, comes with firmware version 0401 and hardware version A0A0 for the Slim console.

New PMT (Pogo Mo Thoin) Tutorials
Now anyone can use this method, you’re not tied to just one device or manufacturer so thanks again to the guys at Team Jungle for releasing the schematic for everyone to enjoy. Includes updated step-by-step how to make your own guides and how to use with the new Jungle Flasher v0.1.79 so you can now easily extract your liteon 83850V2 and 93450 DVD Key without cutting traces and no soldering required.

Team Xecuter have already developed a professional version and the CK3 PROBE III will be available at the same time as the X360USB PRO. DVD Key extraction on ALL Liteons (74850, 83850v2 & 93450).

Official Post: www.xbox-scene.com

Q:Kreon drives any good?

No all version's below flashed Kreon V1.00 Firmware can only extract SSv1 they can Not extract SSv2/SSv3-AP25 and the drives can only "Read" "No Write". I Personally don't recommend Kreon drives anymore because of the problems they had with SSv2 Read Is Kreon Ok. C4Eva did say he dumped the data and injected SSv2-SSv3 AP25.

Big Note: SSv2 very simply consists of a duplicate angle value for response types 7 and 5 stored in c4eva's C/R replay table and was added in iXtreme v1.6. Older 0800 ripping firmwares and Kreon's firmware will record the angle just once, which results in SSv1. The problem is that Kreon's firmware does not do an actual measurement to get the angle, but simply uses preset angles that all games currently use and applies a small jitter to them. Storing the angle twice allows us to be fairly certain that this is a real angle measurement made by an actual Xbox 360 drive.

The BenQ, T-Samsung, and LiteOn x360 drives can be flashed with ix16-0800 Firmware, The ix16-0800 is a dedicated "ripping" Firmware Only, Not to play games on. I Recommend you get two drives one for Ripping and one for playing game's or use the one in your x360 but you need that DVD Key from your Original drive before flashing any x360 drive with iXtreme Firmware to play Backup Game's.

If you get a second x360 drive from say eBay the DVD Key that's on it don't mean anything to you Why because it belongs to another Xbox360 that no longer works or got Damage aka (RROD Red Ring of Death). Remember future updates might not include 0800 like Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 FW did and taking the x360 to your Computer to make backups ant going to be fun. Don't forget about a good Dual Layer DVD+R drive for burning your game's after you backed them up. Note: All Samsung SH drive's are for Computers they are not x360 drives.

Samsung SH-D163A
Samsung SH-D163B
Samsung SH-D162C
Samsung SH-D162D

Q:What Drive's are Compilable with XBCr/Schtrom360Xtract and 0800?

Here are a list of Drive's that are Compilable with XBCr or Schtrom360Xtract and can be flashed with 0800 firmware the list of drive's came from hacked firmware folder on Xbins Server:

Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943,
Benq VAD6038,
LiteOn DG-16D2S

I don't recommend Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L because you can't backup your game's using Schtrom360Xtract only Xbox Backup Creator witch ant good. The newer 800 firmware IN PROGRESS that can extract SSv3=AP25 are only for Benq and LiteOn drives. So Hitachi and Samsung drives are the ones to avoid for now.

Q:Where do I get the Software/Firmware?

Xbins connect to there FTP Server Download the most up to date software, from there you can also fine Firmware needed to flash and backup your x360 Game's. If you Don't want to download this you can follow the Tutorial on xbox-scene.com

Q:How to flash 0800 Firmware?

JungleFlasher would be best to flash iXtreme v1.6 0800 Firmware to the x360 drive and C4Eva's iXtreme (LT+) Firmware. Example: Benq VAD6038 open JungleFlasher turn on the Benq drive, click the MTKFlash 32 tab then click benq unlock, click read and store the bin somewhere safe (skip the reading if you bought this off ebay). Click Firmware Tool 32 tab open your target firmware as the 0800 firmware, then back to MTKFlash 32 tab click write, and when complete click outro. your done! For more information read JungleFlasher's tutorial. Benq forum thread LiteOn forum thread.

Q:How to flash Kreon Firmware?

There should be a utility call (SFDWIN Software Flash Download for Windows) that come’s with each version of kreon firmware, Choose the drive to be flashed from the "Drive:" drop down list, Click the "Download File Open" button and choose the firmware file to flash. Click the "Start Download" button to start flashing.

Q:How do I Power the x360 drive?

To power the x360 drive when flashing or making backups your going to need Xecuter CK3 Lite - Xecuter CK3 Pro (Rev D) from Team-Xecuter, Xtractor 2 from 360xtractorpro or Connectivity Kit V3 combo from diygadget, witch you can fine on eBay and their website. You can check out xbox-scene.com/shops or you can look at Xbox 360 DIY DVD Adapter Diagrams and Parts List.

Official Site: Diygadget.com
Official Site: Team-xecuter.com
Official Site: 360xtractorpro.com
Official Site: www.x360usb.com
Official Site: www.360lizard.com

Q:Windows don't recognize the x360 drive?

1. Power down your PC hookup the SATA Cable and Power Connector to the x360 drive but don't apply power to the drive just yet and fire up your Computer.

2. goto Start/Orb Click Run or Windows Key + R to open Run Type Devmgmt.msc

3. Now that the Device Manager is open Right Click the little Computer icon/Comptuer Name and then Scan for Hardware Changes, this will refresh the Device Manager window and scan for new hardware.

4. Power on the x360 drive and Press Eject to open the drive as it can hang with a loading icon. Right Click the little Computer icon/Comptuer Name in Device Manager again and Scan for Hardware Changes.

5. Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives in the Device Manager to see if the drive is detected. When done backing up your games Power down the drive and Scan for Hardware Changes again, then Power down your Computer and disconnect the x360 drive.

If the problem continues and your notable to detect your drive try Flashing it again and make sure it reports as Ok in the Running Log in JungleFlasher. The Benq/T-Samsung/LiteOn x360 drives can be flashed with ix16-0800 Firmware, The ix16-0800 is a dedicated "ripping" Firmware Only, Not to play games on.

Q:What is the History behind C4Eva's Firmware?

A overview of the history behind firmware modification & the creation and conclusion of the team formerly 'Team jungle' and the story of an unsuccessful extortion. All views expressed are documented between several members of Team Jungle,THX and the scene and are not opinions expressed by Xbox-Scene.

The "Team Jungle" twitter going on is being done by the developer of Jungle Flasher, who is communicating c4e's progress. While c4e did the firmware mods for THQ, he unfortunately helped push forward the demise of the group and has gone his own way. He also was planning ANOTHER pay-for-key licensing program with iXtreme. Read this about the LT (Lite Touch) on forums.xbox-scene.com

After a great deal of development and anticipation we are pleased to announce for the first time that Team Xecuter are giving direct support to C4EVA to help his development capabilities and to make sure that the scene get's the best work from the scene's #1 360 firmware coder - for absolutely no cost at all times. Naturally donations are always welcome :p Our thanks goes to Commodore4eva (C4EVA) and Team Jungle for their hard work in giving the scene these fantastic products.

Q:What is iXtreme LT Lite Touch Firmware?

The purpose of iXtreme Firmware is to flash an Xbox 360 DVD drive. DVD drives are flashed in order to allow "backups" to be played. Backups are duplicate copies of Xbox 360 games. They are burned on Dual Layer DVD's, which requires the use of a Dual Layer Burner as well. Backups are only legal if they are burned from a copy of a game that the owner legally purchased and continues to own. Backups are typically stealth patched to allow the game to be played on Xbox Live with little chance of being banned.

Q:What is 0800 Firmware?

IXtreme fw for Benq, Samsung and Liteon drives!
-Common API designed for easier application use!
-Support for SS V2!
-Direct 0800 mode for game dumping including SS v2!

This firmware is =NOT FOR USE IN A CONSOLE= and is provided with the intended use of being in a dedicated "ripping" drive.

This means:
a. Does not need your DVD key,
b. Does not need spoofing as another drive,
c. Does not need to use the tray half open and
d. Does not need to use the activate.iso to use this firmware on the pc.

SSv2 supports multiple timing samples for challenges type 5 and 7, storing them in the SS. This is a pre-requisite for SS v3 which has support for the so called AP2.5 check. Since this has never been used or may never be used by MS we will adopt a wait and see approach and continue to monitor for its usage. Note: New 0800 v2.0 firmware for SSv3 PROGRESS COMPLETE in Tesing for BenQ and LiteOn drives from C4Evaspeaks.com There should be no problem Ripping everything From Sep/Oct 2010 back including Original Xbox Games with Schtrom360Xtract that don't have AP2.5 on it.

Q:How to open/dissassemble x360/Slim?

Several opening Xbox 360 tutorials are already out there on Youtube but the best tutorial for FAT x360 Console's are on llamma.com and AndanTech.com as a really good step by step tutorial for the Slim consoles.

Q:What is the best DVD+R DL burner?

I personally use and recommend Samsung SH-S223 DL DVD drive, this drive has noting to do with the other Samsung's that can be flashed with kreon firmware. When looking for a version like this one, any Letter after 3 means updated FW or more features from the manufacturer. Also your DVD drive might support DL Media check the specs on the manufacturer's website or the place you got it from. Tigerdirect.com Ncix.com and Newegg.com sell's them for little or noting, I burn about 30+ disc's a month and never had problems with DVD 9 DL Media.

Q:What DVD+R DL Media to Use?

The X-S have been using Verbatim 95310 20 Pack DVD+R DL Spindle for along time so there should be no problems burning your games using the right burn Speed read on for more info on Write Speeds using Verbatim disc.

Q:My burner doesn't support 2.4x?

If your DVD DL drive can't burn at 2x using Verbatim 95310 20 Pack DVD+R DL Spindle try Verbatim 95484 15 Pack DVD+R DL Spindle witch is Rated for 8x and should be burned at 4x because the lower the burn speed the less Write Errors and longer life span of the DVD drive.

Q:What is DVD-9 - 8.5GB?

A DVD-9 is constructed of two stamped substrates bonded together to form two recorded layers for one side of the disc, along with a blank substrate for the other side. The outer stamped Layer (0) is coated with a semitransparent gold coating to both reflect light if the laser is focused on it and pass light if the laser is focused on the layer below. A single laser is used to read both layers; only the focus of the laser is changed.

Q:I have No idea what the x360 was modded with?

You need to know what drive you got in there and what version of Firmware is Spoofed. Look at the drive by pressing eject on your x360 and comparing it with the images from Xbox360 DVD drive brand/model detection, then your can decide what version of firmware you need to flash your x360 drive with. Remember you need your Original Firmware or DVD Key.

Q:Liteon 83850-v2 and Liteon 93450 DVD Key Can Now Be Dumped?

There have been several news reports on forums of users having success in dumping the entire firmware including the important keys of the newest un-moddable Liteon DVD drives. The methods posted so far are not for the beginner so do so at your own risk. The method seem crude at the moment, no doubt some easier methods will surface shortly. Remember with that DVD key you can install any flash-able DVD drive to that once un-moddable Xbox 360.

Good job to all involved! Inspired by this great idea, diygadget and team-xecuter have found a way to do the trick without soldering witch should be good news for people that can't solder. M$ Launch's (93450) Fw because of C4eva! #1 360 firmware coder. Note: With Liteon drives the Original firmware can NOT be Restored so there's no going back when you flash your Liteon drive. Unless you did the MRA Hack method.

The Overview of Firmware versions 74850C, 83850C, 83850Cv2, 93450C

With the release of the 83850C firmware , LiteOn drives required two totally different methods. With the release of the 83850C v2 and the 93450C there was no known way to extract the key.

However there is now a method to dump the whole FW from any of these LiteOn drives!(which is the ONLY method to get the key from the 83850C v2 & the 93450C) Although MRA method works on all (current) LiteOn's - DVDKey32 / LO83Info will always remain the simpler method to obtain info from earlier drives. As you should know there are currently 2 brands of memory chipsets embeded into the Liteon Drives, one is Macronix (Vendor ID 0xC7), other is Winbond (Vendor ID 0xEF).

The 74850C requires additional hardware (it requires the utilization of a RS232 to TTL serial hardware, or a popular variant such as Xecuter CK3 Pro or Xecuter CK3 Lite with the Xecuter Probe (v1 or v2) or Maximus USBXtractor & powerunit or or Maximus Xtractor (with optional spear) to obtain the drive specific data (key/inquiry/identify/Serial) which once extracted are used to create the dummy.bin.

Whereas the 83850C v1 does NOT require additional hardware and can be dumped/flashed using only a SATA connection. The key/inquiry/identify/serial files are merged into a dummy.bin (this allows for easy manipulation of the drive info for placing into the iXtreme firmware). They contain information that is required for proper identification and security related issues.

The 83850C v2 was quickly released to combat key retrieval by the earlier methods so key retrieval using 83850C v1 or original method was no longer an option! This change occurred around July/Aug 09 drive manufacture dates. There is no outward difference between the 83850C v1 and the 83850C v2 – the only way to discover which you have is to try the 83850C v1 method! If successful you have the version 1 – IF NOT Jungleflasher will tell you, you have an 83850C v2 and Lo83 function is ONLY for v1.

The 93450C quickly followed – Once again key retrieval was not an option with simple sata commands or probe used for 74850C Now available, is a method to dump the whole firmware from ALL current LiteOn Drives – The MRA Hack method is a little more complex than previous methods and requires some soldering skills and cutting and reconnection of traces on the PCB! However there are now some other options available – the best of these are described in Jungleflasher tutorial. Note: You CANNOT SPOOF a LiteOn Drive with LT Firmware as a DIFFERENT DRIVE.

Diygadget's Hardware - x360 Dumping Tutorials

Diygadget's Solderless 83850 V2 And 93450 Key Dump

Boxxdr Method For Complete Lite-on Firmware Dump

Xecuter CK3 Probe 2

Maximus Xtractor Addon - Vampire

Liteon 74850c FW Key Dump DIY Probe

Shtewps's Homebrew 9-series Liteon Probe For Solderless Fw Dumping

Q:What to do when Future Waves come out?

If your drive is flashed with a older version of firmware that only supports Wave 4 or Wave 5 a updated maybe needed to play future games example: Red Dead Redemption is Wave 6 and if your x360 drive is flashed with say Team HyperX iXtreme 1.61 FW that got Strict Wave 4 compliance means wave 4 games will only boot if they have correct PFI/DMI/SS etc that game might not boot at all.

If the game do manage to boot what about the $systemupdate$ that got to be applied to play the game this can leaded to The Ban Hammer if you ever go online again, because Microsoft can detect older versions of firmware so you should update the x360 drive before applying system updates. Remember if your x360 can do Waveless booting and don't care for online you may get away with it, but I wouldn't go back online especially if it's AP25 Game. You can also use utility's to remove $systemupdate$ witch are used for people that have JTAG systems.

Q:What is Wave 1,2,3,4 about?

As Microsoft now distributes new Dashboard updates in the same partition, each time the 360 gets a software update, we will see a new "wave" a few months later. There was a Dashboard update in August 2009 and that is now being distributed with the latest games. This is known as Wave4. Its identical to Wave3, except the video partition now contains the August 09 Dash update. The first known game to have this was Cars Race-o-rama. More Details About 'Wave 4' from abgx360.

Q:HOW and WHY to Solder Correctly?

If you are a novice to soldering WATCH THIS VIDEO !!!!! It explains how to solder correctly and why. I GUARANTEE this video will change your electronics life - you will not only know how to solder correctly but you will see how EASY it is when you do it correctly.

Q:How To Cut The Liteon PCB Traces?

This should only be done if you have some common sense and the ability to count to ten!

Q:How to repair the cuts made for the MRA Hack?

This tutorial shows how to repair the traces using solder. (common sense really)

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