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The Ultimate Guide to Xbox backup Creator

Attention important: Anti-Piracy v2.5

This tutorial will help you Rip your X360 and Xbox1 Game's using Xbox Backup Creator. XBCr will also burn your X360 Game's using the XBCr burning engine or using imgburn by calling Imgburn for you with all the adequate parameters. Always Check out the New Updates and Fix's . If you require to install these applications see the end of this Guide. To Download this Guide in PDF format click Here goto File>>Download as>> PDF

Modified DVD Firmware

There are three version's of firmware including Secret-Service's that can boot Wave 4 or 5 Games Ok to rap this up if your using Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 Samsung and BenQ FW Launched Oct 30 2009 You Can't Play Online God knows how long the C4E's iXtreme LT FW is going to last online then again I don't care for online, so you got C4eva Team Jungle LiteOn iXtreme v1.61 ix for the Liteon's that launched Dec 28 2009 not to long after C4eva started to see the Community modding his Firmware witch was iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth Patched to always act like if activate.iso was inserted, so blindly loads PFI DMI SS etc, Posted by Arakon on xboxhacker Plus Secret-Service's BenQ IX 1.41 Final Rev3-4 (SS) Non-Stealth 12X This firmware is based on the firmware from C4EVA. All credits to C4EVA.

What firmware to use well it's up to you, if it's a Liteon drive that's clear C4E's iXtreme LT FW what about Benq/Samsung well there's Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 Samsung and BenQ FW that can boot Wave 4 and 5 games without any problems that I can say for sure because I got Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 FW on my Benq witch I Highly Recommend you have if you got a Benq/Samsung and waiting for C4E's iXtreme LT FW. You don't care about Stealth you can try iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth Patched witch seems to work from what the community is saying, I wouldn't use it but supports all drives.

Now the BenQ IX 1.41 Final Rev3-4 (SS) Non-Stealth why the hell would you want to use this version if iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth Patched can boot Non-Stealth Games or for that matter Why use iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth if C4E's iXtreme LT FW can do Waveless booting, if you got a Benq/Samsung drive iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth Patched might be good because Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 FW got Strict Wave 4 compliance means wave 4 games will only boot if they have correct PFI/DMI/SS and timestamp read the Readme that comes with everything for more info. This only applies to people waiting for a higher version of iXtreme Firmware witch there is from Commodore4Eva! below.

There are two versions of Firmware one for playing your game's and ix16-0800 being a dedicated "ripping" drive "Update" in the new Team HyperX iXtreme 1.61 FW for Benq and Samsung drives you can Rip and play your backup's using the same drive, but I Recommend you get two drives one for Ripping and one for playing your game's, Because future updates might not include 0800 like Team HyperX iXtreme v1.61 FW did and taking the x360 to your Computer to make backups of game's ant going to be fun, so again I highly Recommend you get a x360 drive for your Ripping needs and leave the one in your x360 for playing games. Samsung and BenQ iXtreme v1.61 or C4E's iXtreme LT Firmware To download iXtreme look in Xbox-existence Links or keep reading this Guide.

C4eva Team Jungle LiteOn iXtreme v1.61 Added support for waves 4 and 5 There's no NFO with the release, but unlike iX 1.6 'non-stealth' release I believe this release still has all stealth features but with modified checks to also allow/boot Wave 4 and Wave 5 Games. Dashboard v2.0.8955 Detects all consoles with any firmware version of Xtreme or iXtreme until 1.61. C4E's iXtreme (LT+) Recommend.

C4E's iXtreme Lite Touch Plus (LT+) in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter for Hitachi (phat) Benq (phat) LiteOn (phat) and LiteOn (slim) drives. Samsungs are still running LT v1.0 all versions of Samsung do not have AP25, therefore LT+ firmware for these drives is unnecessary. All LiteOn (phat) are running LT+ and LiteOn (slim) 9504 as well. C4Eva’s iXtreme LT+ for Hitachi-LG GDR-3120L Drives (32, 36, 40, 46, 47, 58, 59, 78, 79). There is no AP25 on older Hitachi Drives 32/36/40/46/47/58/59, AP25 checks are on the newer Hitachi drives (78/79). You can stick with FW 1.51 or update to iXtreme LT+. FYI iXtreme 1.51 still works just fine with AP25 (many are still using the older Hitachi’s on XBL – however we can’t guarantee that it is XBL safe so use at your own risk).

Hitachi GDR-3120L: iXtreme v1.51 FW or (LT+ v1.1 FW Recommended)
Toshiba-Samsung TS-H943: iXtreme LT v1.0 FW
Benq VAD6038: iXtreme LT+ v1.1 FW
LiteOn DG-16D2S: iXtreme LT+ v1.1 FW
LiteOn DG-16D2S (slim): iXtreme LT+ v1.1 FW


Tip: When opening XBCr and the following Error POP's UP on screen image below don't Freak Out! you have a CD/DVD disc in the Computer drive, take out the CD/DVD in the Computer drive and restart XBCr then everything should be fine. If the Error continues when Ripping you may need Schtrom360Xtract because XBCr needs updating, XBCr can Rip everything From Sep/Oct 2009 back including Original Xbox Games.

Note: Due to an issue that affects the Liteon ix1.6 it is advised that you start XBCr without a DVD in the drive. Witch I recommend you do even if you got a higher version FW eject then start XBCr.

Open Xbox Backup Creator if you don't have XBCr download here or Xbins FTP Server. Select Options Tab and make sure ever thing is Set to default Click "Reset To Default" selecting your Drive and the Version for the Disc Xbox360 or Xboxone is ok, but you really don’t have to do this because it's Automatic. Never Change the Speed from 12X, "On Disc Read Error" just means how many times it try's to read after Failing the First time and make sure "Build SplitVid ISO" is Checked witch it should be after Clicking "Reset To Default". "Log Detail Level" Detailed watch your Running Log when Ripping game's and when done ripping go over the Running Log to see if everything went fine. Besides you don't have to Select anything because everything is Automatic and this Guide was put together for X-S + PowerUsers, so if you feel Overwhelmed by the settings just stick to your One Click Backup witch I don't Recommend.

Now select your Kreon drive flashed with Kreon Firmware witch I don't Recommend because of SSv2 or Toshiba-Samsung, Benq, Liteon Drive flashed with ix16-0800, if not already selected and Select "SPTI".

Place your Xbox 360 Game into your Kreon, Toshiba-Samsung, Benq, or Liteon drive. Confirm Image Style is set to "Complete Backup" and then hit the "Start" Button as per the picture below watch the (Running Log) for any Errors. After inserting a disk it may take a few seconds for it to be recognized. If it does not populate and enable the buttons after more than 30 seconds press CTRL-R to force a refresh. You can Press CTRL-L Show/Hide Running Log also CTRL-C to Cancel current operation...

Note: Using Wxripper and a hitachi drive Not recommended anymore. It seems the SS extracted with Hitachi drive should not be used because easier to detect. You should extract your backups with a Toshiba-Samsung, Benq, or Liteon drive using XBCreator/Schtrom. You would then be able to do a "Complete backup" so no point in extracting separate pieces and merging. (Search YouTube for Wxripper this way is not Recommend anymore, usually referred as Hot Swapping).

What is SplitVid?

Before Splitvid:
Splitvid is in fact an adapted version of the traditional Xtreme format used up to XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3. The traditional Xtreme format backup have both part of the video partition on layer 0. Current hacked firmware will manage the request for the video partition sector of layer 1 such that they appear as being in their right place even if in fact recovered from layer 0 (thks to C4Eva) He's the man. As a result, if the disk is queried for the various sectors, they appear at their proper place.

Splitvid: The new splitvid format respects the format of an original disc by having the video partition on layer 1 as per the original. It also maintain a copy of the layer 1 video partition on layer 0 such that it respect the traditional Xtreme format. Both format are included so you lose nothing by using it. For more information Read this and the Rules before Posting. Note: Backups need to have SplitVid from now on to be safe for LT, official release of the iXtreme LT uses Split-Vid as default.

Save your Image file to a directory on your Hard Drive, also provide a name for the image accordingly (you will need at least ~8gb free space), once you are done, hit the "Save" button - Xbox Backup Creator will go ahead and Rip the game onto your Hard Drive....

Please be patient while the Software creates an image of your Xbox 360 Game and watch your Running Log when Ripping your game's..

When completed, you will get a 7 651 848KB ISO ( or 7.29GB) or 7,651,262KB depending on the x360 games.

If you do not activate the Splitvid then the files will be 7,395,392KB (or 7.05GB).

The .iso for Xbox1 will be 7,258,816KB (or 6.92GB without splitvid) (with splitvid 7.28GB) My Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith came back this size.

To display the right information in the Running Log before Ripping Go to "Drive Tools" click Unlock drive to make the Running Log display the Size, you really don’t have to do this because everything is Automatic when using XBCr.

Note: Try not to use (dots .) before the last letter in the name example .x, .bat, .exe or anything like it second Example Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X not thinking I put a (dot .) before the x and there's changing it from ISO format to X format, after XBCr was done ripping the game the name the of it was Tom Clancy's H.A.W and placed Notepad icon on the 7.29GB file witch should of been in ISO format. As you can see in the image above Save as type: ISO should be selected by default, try not to use (dots.) in the names of your Games.

Tip: Make sure you File System on the drives are NTFS and not FAT32 formatted, as FAT32 has a 4gb file size limit, to fine out goto My Computer Right click on the drive your backing you game's up to and select Properties look at File System NTFS format.

Once Xbox Backup Creator has finished Ripping the contents of the disk - Please close out of the Application... then run ABGX360 to Stealth Check your Game before going ahead Read my Abgx360 Gui Guide in Xbox360 Archive. Stealth Checking verbiage/intent removed, XBC only does limited checking. Stealth Check got remove from v2.9.0.306. To burn the Game with Xbox backup Creator or Imgburn after running Stealth Check with ABGX360 read on...

Note: I Recommend you Stealth Check with ABGX360 just to be safe: because of the new Anti-Piracy v2.5 and current 0800 not extracting it, C4eva is working really hard on the New 0800 firmware for SSv3 that's IN PROGRESS for BenQ and LiteOn drives.

Open Xbox Backup Creator again - Now set your Drive to be your DVD DL Writer example I have selected my Samsung DVD Dual Layer Writer "NOT" your Kreon or x360 drive because it’s only for Reading (Ripping) not Writing (Burning).

Tip: Did you know Burning a CD or DVD heats up 400F to 600F, Put your hand on the DVD and feel how warm it is when your done burning your Game %100 on that Exam PC Repair.

Select the "Write" tab and check "Imgburn" as your Burning engine...leave all else at defaults...

Note: When used through XBCr do not set the layerbreak to manual, XBCr will manage this for you. In Image Burn goto Tools>>Settings >>Write>>Options >>Layerbreak should be “Calculate Optimal” just to be sure.

Place a blank DVD+R DL 8.5GB not a DVD 4.7GB Disk into your Dual Layer DVD Writer, wait for the application to recognize the blank DVD (can sometimes take up to 1 minute)....and select writing speed (slower is not better, typically burn verbatim 2.4x at rated speed and verbatim 8x at rated or 4x) If the start button remains grey, you have not selected the proper drive or do not have a DVD +R DL in the drive then hit the "Start" Button. Read about the Booktype DVD-Rom under Imgburn Install at the end of this Guide!

Select the .DVD file you have just created from the Ripping Section of this guide (NOT the .ISO which will make a difference) - Then click on " Open ". I have two Copy's of Borderlands for more information about this Read my Abgx360 Gui Guide and Schtrom360 Xtract S360X v4.1 Guide in Xbox360 Archive.

The .dvd file is created by Xbox Backup Creator the information in the file can be viewed by opening it with NotePad or NotePad++ download here or use one provided by Windows to open NotePad type notepad in the Run under the Start button drag the .dvd in notepad to view it, this is not need because XBCr creates one for you Automatic, what's in it? LayerBreak=1913760 and GameName.ISO. Quick Tip on layerbreak - it doesn't need to be set if you use imgburn through Xbox Backup Creator because XBCr will set it to optimal settings within the app itself.

Mercenaries 2.iso

Imgburn will start the Writing process automatically - No more user input is needed. Please wait while your image is burned onto your DVD+R DL Disk....ImgBurn will provide you with an estimated completion time, Write Speed and much more....

Below ImgBurn is the Running Log as you can see in the image above Problems and Alerts can be viewed, keep a eye on your Running Log has it can give you info on the settings that where selected before burning and read Some Common Problems at the end of this Guide.

You can download Imgburn at imgburn , and use the installer.

When used through XBCr do not set the layerbreak to manual, XBCr will manage this for you. In ImgBurn goto Tools>>Settings>>Write>>Options >>Layerbreak should be “Calculate Optimal”. If you don't want to use ImgBurn through XBCr and just ImgBurn alone Select “User Specified” enter the LayerBreak number 1913760 in “Sectors in L0”.

With the latest x360 firmware the booktype setting at DVD-ROM is not required, but it does not hurt. You can set it in Tools>>Drive>>Change Book Type/'Your burner Brand' select 'Change For:' to a 'DVD +R DL MEDIA' and in 'New Setting' choose DVD-ROM + hit Change. Note this can only be done with a DVD + DL disc in the drive.

Book Type is Selected Automatic when using Imgburn look under "Write Tab" for the Option, also your drive might not be support by Imgburn for this. If the Drive in Tools are grey Press Ctrl+Alt+W Hover over the Icon's Under "Setting" Change Book Type then repeat the first step above.

You can get XBC from the Download Section and extract it in a directory, nothing more to do. Simply run “Xbox Backup Creator.exe”.

Imgburn (and Nero) if they are already installed on your PC will show in the scroll window when XBCr starts (Running Log)

1) If imgburn is not listed in the windows, you can open the selection window by using the button beside imgburn in XBCr.

2) and indicating the location of the “ImgBurn.exe”.

If you have problems loading XBCr make sure you have .NET installed (windows updater), and VB6 runtimes + mscomctl.ocx. Only do this step if you have problems. After installing .net your going to need the SP1 for .net Type "wupdmgr" in Run Under Start to update the .net to the last SP, Windows 7 has .net build in. Windows Vista/7 Please use the included installer, Some people had to turn on User Account Control (UAC) and make sure it was run as admin.

Not seeing your TS-H943A: Turn off the "FW Branding Check" on the options tab unless you need it (A hitachi branded as samsung or opposite). For those using a VIA6421 card, you should try using the version 5.2 of the Via drivers (here)


SATA/ATAPI CD-ROM or DVD Drive Runs Slowly
If your SATA/ATAPI CD-ROM or DVD drive performs poorly, check the following items:

Check the cache size in the Performance tab of the System Properties control panel. Select the quad-speed setting (largest cache size).

Check to see whether the drive is set as the slave to your hard disk; move the drive to the secondary controller if possible. Your PIO (Programmed I/O) or UDMA mode might not be set correctly for your drive in the BIOS; check the drive specs and use autodetect in BIOS for the best results Google it.

Check that you are using busmastering drivers on compatible systems; install the appropriate drivers for the motherboard's chipset and the operating system in use. See "Direct Memory Access and Ultra-DMA," Google it.

Ripping is extremely long (30+ minutes): Your Drive is probably not in DMA Mode (Went in PIO Mode). You can change that in Device Manager and can easily be found via Google it.

Getting an error during the Rip

You have this with all your games then it is probably a setup problem, if you are using a SH-D162C witch I don't Recommend because of SSv2 you can try moving it Primary/Secondary IDE and Master/Slave. You have that with only one game then clean your disk very well. If that does not resolve it could be your original is damage or marginal (see this post).

During the burn if you are getting “Session Fixation Errors”, “Optimum Power Calibration failures”, or “Invalid Write Address failures”, they are usually due to low quality media or a defective burner if you were using adequate media for more information read Best Deals on Verbatim +R DL and the Rules before Posting. NCIX has them Cheaper then Tigerdirect

This Guide was written for the Community & Members of and no one else!

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