Schtrom360 Xtract S360X v4.1 Guide

This tutorial will help you rip and burn your Xbox 360 - Xbox1 Game's using Schtrom360Xtract and ImgBurn. If you require to install these applications see the end of this Guide. To Download this Guide in PDF format click Here goto File>>Download as>> PDF.

You can download Schtrom360Xtract here or from Tools tab above. Open Schtrom360 Select "Misc" then "Options Tab" then selecting your Drive and the Version for the Disc Xbox360 or Xbox1 is ok, but you really don’t have to do this because it's Automatic. Never Change the Speed from 12X, - defaut XBOX360 drive speeds changed for better error correction TS-H943A, VAD6038 and DG-16D2S set to 12x." Read Single Sectors Error" just means how many times it try's to read after Failing the First.

Now Close up the "Options Tab" Save your "Extract File:" to a directory on your Hard Drive, also provide a name for the image accordingly (you will need at least ~8gb free space), once you are done, as per the picture below....

Note: Try not to use (dots .) before the last letter in the name example .x, .bat, .exe or anything like it second Example Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X not thinking I put a (dot .) before the x and there's changing it from ISO format to X format, after XBCr was done ripping the game the name the of it was Tom Clancy's H.A.W and placed Notepad icon on the 7.29GB file witch should of been in ISO format. As you can see in the image above Save as type: ISO should be selected by default, try not to use (dots.) in the names of your Games.

I have two Copy's of RESIDENT EVIL 5 for more information about this Read my Xbox Backup Creator and Abgx360 Gui Guide in Xbox360 Archive.

When completed, you will get a 7 651 848KB ISO ( or 7.29GB) or 7,651,262KB depending on the x360 games.

If you do not activate the Splitvid then the files will be 7,395,392KB or 7.05GB.

The .iso for Xbox1 will be 7,258,816KB (or 6.92GB) without splitvid (with splitvid 7.28GB) My Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith came back this size.

Note: Backups need to have SplitVid from now on to be safe for LT, official release of the iXtreme LT uses Split-Vid as default.

Select your drive under "DVD-ROM Type:" My drive is VAD6038 and make sure "Task: whole disc (Stealth xtreme 3.0 SplitVid)" is selected, Then hit the "Extract Button" S360X will go ahead and Rip the game onto your Hard Drive Please be patient while the Software creates an image of your Xbox 360 Game.

What is SplitVid ?

Before Splitvid: Splitvid is in fact an adapted version of the traditional Xtreme format used up to XBC 2.6/Schtrom 3.3. The traditional Xtreme format backup have both part of the video partition on layer 0. Current hacked firmware will manage the request for the video partition sector of layer 1 such that they appear as being in their right place even if in fact recovered from layer 0 (thks to C4Eva) He's the man. As a result, if the disk is queried for the various sectors, they appear at their proper place.

Splitvid: The new splitvid format respects the format of an original disc by having the video partition on layer 1 as per the original. It also maintain a copy of the layer 1 video partition on layer 0 such that it respect the traditional Xtreme format. Both format are included so you lose nothing by using it.

When done goto "Tools" then "Stealth Check" Select the "Image Name:" ISO file you have just created from the Ripping Section of this guide or XBCr and run the "Stealth Check" image below.

You want to see "Overall Results: PASSED" then it is all good. (You can ignore the message about not being in the stealth list, any other DBase message). If you want to add CRC32.ini to the DataBase you can then Verify the game your self after Ripping a Second copy using Schtrom360Xtract or Xbox Backup Creator. Add the name of the game you Ripped then click "Save CRC32 to INI" to the DataBase then run "Stealth Check" again after your Ripped the Second Copy. To open INI look for the "Stealth Configuration Settings" File that's in Schtrom360Xtract folder. The file can be viewed by opening it with NotePad to open NotePad type notepad in Run drag & drop the Stealth file in notepad to view the INI you added.

!!!!New AP25 games should be ran through ABGX360 because 0800 firmware can't extract SSv3!!!!

After your done Ripping your Second Copy and Running Stealth Check again you should get the following message image below. If it's not verified after Ripping the Second Copy Try again and make sure your Ripping with a x360 drive not Kreon, from there you can burn your game using Imgburn Read on...

You can also Stealth Check with Abgx360 just to be sure but do so Offline! Read my Abgx360 Gui Guide in Xbox360 Archive for more info.

You can download Imgburn at imgburn , and use the installer.

When used through XBCr do not set the layerbreak to manual, XBCr will manage this for you. In ImgBurn goto Tools>>Settings>>Write>>Options >>Layerbreak should be “Calculate Optimal”. If you don't want to use ImgBurn through XBCr and just ImgBurn alone Select “User Specified” enter the LayerBreak number 1913760 in “Sectors in L0”.

With the latest x360 firmware the booktype setting at DVD-ROM is not required, but it does not hurt. You can set it in Tools>>Drive>>Change Book Type/'Your burner Brand' select 'Change For:' to a 'DVD +R DL MEDIA' and in 'New Setting' choose DVD-ROM + hit Change. Note this can only be done with a DVD + DL disc in the drive.

Book Type is Selected Automatic when using Imgburn look under "Write Tab" for the Option, also your drive might not be support by Imgburn for this. If the Drive in Tools are grey Press Ctrl+Alt+W Hover over the Icon's Under "Setting" Change Book Type then repeat the first step above.

Everything is good to go, open Source select your .DVD file you have just created from the Ripping Section of this guide (NOT the .ISO which will make a difference). select the Write Speed then burn your game.

Imgburn will start the Writing process automatically - No more user input is needed. Please wait while your image is burned onto your DVD+R DL Disk....ImgBurn will provide you with an estimated completion time, Write Speed and much more....

Below ImgBurn is the Running Log as you can see in the image above Problems and Alerts can be viewed, keep a eye on your Running Log has it can give you info on the settings that where selected before burning and read Some Common Problems at the end of Xbox Backup Creator Guide.

This Guide was written for the Community & Members of and no one else!

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