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May 28 2010, 12:26 AM

Team XBMC says Farewell to Original Xbox


XBMC (XBMP really) started as a program for modified XBOX consoles. In the following years, XBMC has grown into a multi-platform, multi-architecture media center that runs on most standard hardware. The hardware and legal limitations of the XBOX were always a concern and the Team has instead focused on running on the hardware that most people already have.

The last official release for the XBOX by the XBMC team was Atlantis, over 18 months ago. Since then, one brave soul (Arnova) has been merging code from the main codebase into the XBOX branch in our repository. Because there were many users out there that took advantage of these updates, we had no problem with this.

But times have changed. The XBOX has hard limits for what it can handle. Some users are satisfied with these limits, and we encourage them to use XBMC there if they are happy. But it is a popular misconception that official XBOX development is still taking place by the team, so we have decided to set it free. We have enough on our plates already, and worrying about a deprecated platform just increases our workload. A few days ago the XBOX branch was finally removed from our subversion repository.

But loyal XBMC for XBOX users fear not! In addition to his role as an XBMC developer, Arnova plans to continue development on the XBOX -- just not here. You can find the new project's home at sourceforge. We're leaving it in his hands to decide how to handle the project's administration. How he manages the forum, bug tracker, scm, developers, etc. is up to him. In other words, don't complain to us ;-)

In order to help users to find relevant help and discussion, we will be making the XBOX section of our forum read-only on Monday, June 07. It may be moved in the future, but for now it will stay for reference. This also means the end of XBOX support in the wiki and IRC. Arnova has requested a snapshot of the wiki that he may host if he wishes as we begin to prune XBOX-specfic information from ours.

We wish Arnova and the project the best of luck as we bid a fond farewell to a big part of our past.

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May 27 2010, 02:46 AM

Rumor: Natal To Cost 149USD?

Natal will launch in the US this October with a price tag of $149.

That's according to a trusted source, who told us that the motion sensing camera will also be bundled with the Xbox 360 Arcade console for $299. The figure for the standalone unit is significantly higher than a previous sub-£50 estimate, but less than pricing recently suggested by European retailers. It's also more expensive than Sony's Natal rival Move, which will be available later this year with a game for less than $100.

Our source said that the device has been pencilled in for an October 26 worldwide launch, although we were advised that the date could yet shift by a few weeks either way.

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May 22 2010, 03:16 AM

JungleFlasher v0.1.74 (138)

Team Jungle released a new version (v0.1.74) of JungleFlasher(info).

What's new/fixed:
* Key Verification - thanks to C4eva
Routines will validate a key against the attached drive 100%
Routine added to:
- DVDkey32 Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 6 dumps no longer necessary
- LO83info Extract, also as key ver is 100%, 2 dumps no longer necessary
- Source and Target context menus

* IO port refresh
Extra checks to determine drive hardware type, as opposed the Inquiry info.
Key is easily queryied from Samsung and Hitachi pre 78, can grab key, verify and lookup KeyDB.
Lite-On Barcode uniquely identifies drive, look-Up Barcode in KeyDB and verify
Fancy icon on the Drive Properites group box and tooltip to display Key and KeyDB info.
Context menu on Drive Properties to peform KeyDb functions ( load files etc )

* KeyDB
Now index by Lite-on barcode, barcode will be added at next refresh for rapid Drive ID.
Added an new field call LastFile, this will point to file last used to update KeyDb.
Useful if you want to refresh KeyDb with all your Lite-On files.
This is used on Drive Properties Context Menu, to load an OFW.

* Dummy from KeyDB **New**
There are 3 parts to this
- for and identified Lite-On this will use the verified key and grab all other dummy data and build it
- for un-identified Lite-On, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a successful hit, build dummy as above
- for non lite-on, will test ALL keys in KeyDB and return on a successful hit.

* USB Com Port Enumeration
Will properly report device types in Vista and Win 7 - FTDIxxx.dll dependancy removed

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Download JungleFlashe: here
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May 1 2010, 02:48 AM

Xtractor 2 Remote Command Specs and Xtractor 2 Firmware v1.3


We finally finished the Remote Command Specification document for coders, we are bundling it with the Remote Command Application (the one you see on the Feature Demonstration Video), we included also the Source Code of the Application as reference. If you are just curious and want to test without compile we included the executable ready to run (Requires .net framework 3.5 installed on your PC). You can find the Specification and Application on the Downloads Section or also Clicking Here.

Also we are releasing the Firmware Update 1.3 fixing some stability issues and adding new buzzer feature, this update can be obtained from the Downloads Section its also included on the above document for simplicity.

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Apr 26 2010, 03:06 AM

Surfer Girl: Slim 360 to be unveiled at E3... 360 rebrand inbound *Update: Fake*

From Surfer Girl's Blog:

MS will reveal a slim 360 natal bundle at one of their two (yes, two) press conferences at this year's e3.

What's more the 360 will be getting a subtle rebrand, with a new logo and black as the new primary colour of the console. They feel that the new system needs to be black because a white Natal wouldn't sit well next to the typical gloss black tv.

The new system design is pretty neat.

And Natal? Let's just say you'll probably be both very surprised and very pleased by one of the games revealed... what is it?
Might Get Shot if I were to tell.

!Update! - OK the rumor was fake - altho we're probably still gonna see a Slim 360 and Natal at E3.

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Apr 23 2010, 01:58 AM

Xtractor 2 Manual and first Firmware Update Release


We are releasing the very first version of the Manual (still work in process) for those users who got your Xtractor 2 units earlier. You can locate it on the Downloads Section. We are preparing now the sample applications and the Remote Command documentation for coders.

Also we had reports of Xtractor 2 causing problems with Spear not allowing reading keys with DVDKey/DVDKey32(info) in Jungleflasher, we traced the bug and we are issuing the first Firmware Update for Xtractor 2. You can find it on our Downloads Section. Its recomended you read the Manual (Section 6) to learn how to update the firmware of your Xtractor 2

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Apr 22 2010, 03:55 PM

Team Jungle: 'Samsung iXtreme LT on the way' and Key Vertification Routines

Team Jungle posted an update on their twitter page:

Sammy Lt on the way, no ETA. JF Team adding our key vertification routines More details about the key vertification routines was posted on their forums:

Recently, c4eva contacted us with a proposal for a key verification procedure.

Basically, with known key to hand you can check it against a connected drive. These procedures have always been been there, but now we can use them to our advantage. They are clearly visible in C4eva's live logs.

OK.... So we messed with the routines for a few hours as per C4eva's instructions and with a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, we got them to work.

As for a known key, you should have them in your database.
So we are adding a couple of routines.

1. Simply bang every key you have at the drive until it hits the right one.... Simples! It does a hundred keys in a couple of seconds.... Brutal, but effective.
2. Lite-on have a unique identifier in their Inquiry. So, on a port refresh, a lite-on can be readily identified and the key returned and verified - Uber Cool -
3. So we are adding an index to the KeyDB against the drive barcode, to take advantage of 2 above. KeyDB refreshes will also update existing entries..

The team are testing an bashing around ideas on what to do once you have the key...

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Apr 18 2010, 10:56 PM

Xecuter CK3-CP Jungle Flasher Navigation Demo


The final development phase of the much anticipated CK3-CP is proceeding at full pace. We can't wait to release what will be THE defacto 360 firmware tool - and much more. Here's another video to give you a peak at how the LCD navigates some of the Jungle Flasher functions :)

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Apr 18 2010, 05:40 AM

Video Demonstration of Main Features of Xtractor 2


Here is a small video showing some of the Main Features of Xtractor 2, as you can appreciate after watching the video we have put lot of effort and hard work on this redesign. I would like to thank everyone involved. There is More to come !!

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Apr 16 2010, 03:19 AM

Maximus Xtractor 2


We are proud to announce the latest member in Maximus product family, the new Xtractor 2, will preserve all functionality of the 1x series and add new and interesting features. This product is just a small taste of what it comes this year in Maximus. Thanks to all customers and resellers who support us. We will keep improving every day to satisfy your needs.

Base Functionality :
- Supplies Power to 360 DVD Drives including Eject function or all drives
- Compatible with All Xbox 360 DVD Drives (Hitachi, Samsung, Benq, including all Lite-on drives
- Selectable Mode-B for Hitachi Drives
- Serial Key Reading via USB or RS232 (serial) (for Liteon 74 series)
- Resettable PPTC Fuses
- Compatible with Vampire and Spear
- Power LED/Flash mode LED/USB visual activity LED
- Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and DOS
- Electrically Safe, operate in the voltages required for the DVD Drive

New Features on XT2:
- Button Forces 0x72 mode on Liteon Drives with a single button press when used with vampire rebuild board
- Automatic Half Tray with a single button press
- New and improved main power controller.
- Onboard Firmware Updateable via USB or RS232 (which allows expandable functionality)
- Remote Commander feature, which can allow total control of the Xtractor 2 by a PC application (The application can now invoke drive commands, like Eject Close, Half Tray, Force mode 0x72, it will be possible to design a full automatic flashing procedure application with minimal or no user intervention for turning on/off the drive, etc.)
- Free remote command software available to application developers, which can be expanded with firmware updates as required
- Drive connector cable with color indication for proper installation
- Selectable communication port with the PC via Jumpers (RS232/USB)
- Audible feedback thru onboard buzzer.
- Unique Serialization / Genuine Checks

RRP: $45 USD

Official Site:
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Apr 16 2010, 02:29 AM

Xecuter NAND-X JTAG Kits Update

From Team Xecuter:

I usually don't talk about JTag hardware or software because that can lead to a lot, but when something like this comes along it can't be over looked check out the JTAG Connection Kit.

Many users have asked us about the different JTAG kit designs that we mentioned yesterday. We are sending a bunch of different variations out to many different testers of varying skill over the next few days so we will have the perfect universal solution for you confirmed by next week. Not only are there versions designed for the top of the Xbox motherboard but we've also designed variations for the alternate points on the bottom of the motherboard, using BAT41 diodes where necessary and utilizing a 3 mode Multi-R resistor feature (0 / 330 / 470). Here's a couple of pictures of the various versions:

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Pre-Order NAND-X: mrmodchips
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Apr 15 2010, 04:17 PM

Xecuter LT CLIP, LT SWITCH 2 and CK3-CP, NAND-X JTAG, CK3 Probe 2 Update

From Team Xecuter:

We have been extremely busy these past few weeks, so we figured we'd give you one big update to keep you up to speed with whats going on at the Xecuter factory.

1. Xecuter LT Clip
After a great deal of brainstorming we are pleased to finally announce the perfect solution for all Liteon DVD drives. Utilizing a completely innovative design we have been able to create a special clip that simply plugs onto the Liteon PCB with no wires, no solder and no conductive glue. Simply make your MRA hack trace cuts and connect the Xecuter LT Clip - that's it. We have even included a continuity tester into the circuit. Push a button and if its a Red LED = Bad Trace Cuts, a Green LED = Good Trace Cuts :) The Xecuter Clip has been designed to work with both the new CK3 Probe 2 and also the new LT Switch 2. Available at the end of April.

2: LT Switch 2
The latest design in the best selling LT Switch series of products. The LT Switch v2 goes hand in hand with the LT Clip. Once the clip is installed you simply plug the LT Switch v2 into the the DVD drive via its own special DVD Power cable. Note: This does not replace the LT Switch v1.5, it operates the same as the current LT Switch v1.5 which includes the essential Multi-R feature for those difficult 93450 drives - it is designed specifically for the users who don't want to do any soldering or have to take any major risks with their DVD drive. It doesn't get any easier than this !

3. CK3-CP Update
The long awaited CK3-CP is in its final stages of development. Now includes complete Jungle Flasher integration with full LCD output and its own custom designed menus. Imagine just a couple of button presses would connect to the Liteon drive, auto eject to half tray, auto power cycle to vendor mode and then dump / write the firmware. The first completely functional unit to be designed for all your 360 DVD needs - and much much more. This is the crowning jewel in the CK3 line of products so expect many more updates in the next couple of weeks. For more information on the CK3-CP, it has its own forums here.

4. NAND-X JTAG Update
We have been doing some further development with JTAG to improve the connections and stability on various different motherboard types and scenarios. After been given 37 different motherboards that all had issues of RROD or intermittent failures - we are pleased to tell you that after several revisions, additions and design changes to the JTAG kit (very different from the first pictures we showed you), each and every single one now works with no errors. We have put a lot of effort into making sure that any type of JTAG kit from us is commercial grade and tested as such, and not just a couple of pcb's with wires and diodes - that simply will not work on a universal scale.

We have put together a bunch of test kits for final analysis by several of the scenes best known JTAG'ers and they will put them through every scenario before they are given the GO for production. This is how its done when the product isn't rushed !

5. CK3 Probe 2 Update
After taking great care in its development, the new CK3 Probe 2 has been receiving rave reviews. thanks to the co-operation of the JF Team, it is the first and only product of its kind to offer Full Read and Write on all model Liteons (including the Winbond Chipset) without the need to solder in any rebuild PCB, the first and only one of its kind to have dual Probe v1 and MRA function all in one device, not to mention the essential Multi-R feature for stubborn 93450 DVD drives and a circuit protection system when in Probe v1 mode. For the bulk users who want a fast, all-in-one, reliable solution this is the only option for Liteon drives. You can either solder the MRA trace cuts or use conductive glue and have no soldering at all - its your choice.
The full review by Team Jungle can be seen here

6. and finally.......XFRAG Update
We get asked a lot about this :) Due to all the new projects the XFRAG got kinda put on the back burner. Apologies to those who have waited a long time for us to release. Just to let you know it was sent to our packaging partners for final retail design. Won't be long now lol :p
Xecuter XFRAG

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Apr 10 2010, 12:33 AM

Maximus Vampire works with Winbond Chipset Liteon Drives


About rumours from Vampire not working with Winbond flash Liteon Drives, here is a small proof in video that Vampire DOES NOT HAVE such issues. The Vampire tool was released 2.5 months ago and is the #1 seller on his kind.

As you should know there are currently 2 brands of memory chipsets embeded into the Liteon Drives, one is Macronix (Vendor ID 0xC7), other is Winbond (Vendor ID 0xEF), the read and flash procedure if you use the Vampire is transparent to the user for both cases.

Official Site:
Buy Maximus Vampire ($15): |
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Apr 7 2010, 11:02 PM

Canada: RCMP says modifying a video game console punishable by 10y in jail


Attention Canadian gamers: be careful if you decide to modify your video game console. The decision to do so could land you in prison.

Modifying a video game console such as a PlayStation3 or Xbox 360 is a crime in Canada and could result in a penalty of up to 10 years in prison, according to a recent release from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

"Modifying a console and computer is considered an illegal act under section 342.1 of the Criminal Code and is punishable by imprisonment for up to ten years," the RCMP said in the statement.

Full Story: | (thx to GaryOPA for the news)
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Apr 6 2010, 05:51 PM

Xbox 360 System Update Released - USB Memory Support, Un-Criple HDDs

Microsoft released the new system update (9199):

We've just released a system update for the Xbox 360 over Xbox LIVE. As previously announced, this system update contains support for USB Memory storage devices.

Sometime over the next few hours when you sign in to Xbox LIVE you'll receive a prompt to accept this mandatory update. If you are signed into LIVE already, you may be signed out and asked to accept the update and you'll be back online in a few moments.

Read the FAQ on which may answer some of your questions.

Of course jtagged 360s shouldn't update ... they should wait for a new version of XBReboot/freeBOOT. 360s with modified DVD FWs update at own risk, as always !Update! This update will also un-criple HDDs of banned consoles (but will NOT unban ur console of course)

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Apr 2 2010, 10:18 PM

Xecuter NAND-X Install Pics Part2 – JTAG

From Team Xecuter:

We recently showed you how to easily install the NAND-X using the included quicksolder pcb system, now here is an image to show you how easy and clean it is to install the JTAG hack to the 360 motherboard.

For this example we have used the Xenon motherboard. There are a number of features to note:
* All component strategies based on hundreds of user reports
* Tested on all motherboards Xenon, Falcon, Zephyr, Opus & Jasper
* All diodes used will be BAT41 (Maximum compatibility and success)
* Points 4 and 7 on J2D2 has a switchable 330 Ohm resistor (many reports of RROD on certain motherboards without it, and also many reports that it is not required on certain motherboards)
* Option to disable JTAG completely. We have basically added an "OFF" switch for those that need to disable the JTAG hack for whatever reason (testing, debugging, returning to stock etc). This of course saves you the time from having to desolder anything.
* This is the cleanest and most solid JTAG install you will find. No need for any circuits to disable the JTAG after so many seconds - no messy installs or bad parts causing RROD's.
* We are providing 2 x Cables for J2B1 (1 for Xenon and 1 for all other motherboards. Cut to the perfect length for optimum signal)

Full Story/Official Site:
Pre-Order NAND-X: mrmodchips
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Apr 1 2010, 05:22 AM

Xecuter NAND-X Install Pics

From Team Xecuter:

A lot of people were asking how the NAND-X tool was installed to the motherboard. Was it really as easy as we claimed ? Answer: YES :)

Official Site:
Buy NAND-X: mrmodchips
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Mar 31 2010, 01:09 AM

Xecuter: NAND-X In Production; LT Switch v1.5 On Sale

Team Xecuter released updates about 2 of their new products:

I usually don't talk about JTag hardware or software because that can lead to a lot, but when something like this comes along it can't be over looked check out the JTAG Connection Kit.

* Xecuter NAND-X Now In Production
Xecuter presents the NAND-X & JTAG Connection Kit. Based on the proven and excellent NAND PRO USB Programmer designed by illustrious scene member Tiros, we have developed a very tight package that gives you everything you need without having to use any other parts or self-made cables and kits - and certainly without breaking the bank! Not only do we provide one of the fastest 360 NAND programmers currently available, but we have designed a very simple connection system using our popular and much used quicksolder PCB breakout boards. Also as a bonus we have integrated an expansion socket and an update port so you are able to update the firmware of the ARM Controller to make sure you can keep up to date with future new features, upgrades and add-ons. We have also included an optional pin header cable system just like the old XBOX LPC Days :) - so you can connect the NAND-X via quick solder pcb, pin header or use the color coded wires and solder straight to the 7 easy points.

We have also designed an easy to install JTAG Connection Kit that works on ALL Xbox 360 Motherboards - From Xenon thru to Jasper. Naturally if you want to JTAG your console it has to have a compatible dash / kernel version (The JTAG Connection Kits will also be sold separately for those that already have NAND programmers). A full range of tutorials and walk thrus will be available on our forums shortly.

Here is a brief run down of the NAND-X's features:
* Fast USB 360 NAND Programming
* Rock Solid 60Mhz ARM Controller
* Easy Install System for both NAND and JTAG
* Includes Quick Solder Connection Kit For NAND
* Includes Quick Solder Connection Kit For JTAG Hack (All Version Motherboards)
* Includes Optional Pin Header Connection Kit For NAND
* Includes Optional Pin Header Connection Kit For JTAG Hack (All Version Motherboards)
* Built-in Programmer For Future NAND-X Firmware Upgrades (Windows App Available)
* Add-on Expansion Socket Included
* Proven Technology - Based On NAND Pro Design
* 100% Compatible with NAND Pro v2.0e
* Rock Solid Design - Tested by many JTAGER'S
* High Quality & Trusted Xecuter Design
* Complete with ALL cables required including USB
* Multiple NAND & JTAG Connection Kits Sold Separately for Bulk Installers (Will be cheap - like LT Switch)
* Affordable - We Provide You With More For Less !

Production has now begun so we expect delivery to arrive sometime in April. RRP is set at around £24.95 / $34.95 however a small number of resellers are offering a special pre-order promotional price of just £19.95 / $29.95 !!!
For those that have an interest in how projects like Nand-X evolve through the prototype stages - here is a fun chart we made for your reference - check out this image

* LT Switch v1.5 On Sale
This is the new Xecuter LT Switch v1.5 - the latest version in the best selling Xecuter LT Switch range.

Now Includes MULTI-R Function. It was discovered that a small number of Liteon drives would not dump the firmware with a 20 ohm resistor - but required an 18 Ohm or 22 Ohm resistor - so now you can select between 18, 20 and 22 Ohms ! (Default should be set to 20 Ohms - this will work 99% of the time)

The installation is very simple and takes about 5 minutes if you have some small experience with a soldering iron. It has been tested with the latest Jungle Flasher 0.1.73. All Liteon drive versions have been tested with 100% Success (Including the troublesome Winbond IC). There is no need to remove the LT Switch after it has been installed - simply switch to normal mode and you are good to go. Even if you have to upgrade in the future - you don't have to touch the switch again !

Don't be fooled by more expensive copycat products. This is the only solution you need to do a very simple job. Remember this product follows the K.I.S.S engineering principle (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) :)
You can read a review by Team Jungle HERE

* The Only Liteon Solution Recommended By Team Jungle !
* Enables Read/Write on ALL Liteon 74850, 83850, 93450 DVD Drives
* Easy & Simple Install - Install Once & Forget
* Enable / Disable Switch
* Multi-R Switch (18, 20, 22 Ohms)
* Supports both Winbond & MXIC Chipset
* On/Off LED
* Completely Undetectable
* No Need To Uninstall
* Works with ALL tools including the latest Jungle Flasher
* Full Installation Tutorial - CLICK HERE

Official Site:
Buy NAND-X: mrmodchips |
Buy LT Switch v1.5: |
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Mar 30 2010, 05:42 PM

Official Xbox 360 USB Drives Over Priced‎


Retailer GameStop has posted the price and release date for the Xbox 360-branded USB drives. It seems Microsoft hasn't exactly learned how to competitively price its accessories.

There will be two different sizes, an 8GB and 16GB version. According to the product listing, the 8GB size will retail for $39.99, while the 16GB will retail for $69.99. The USB drives will ship on April 6, according to the listings. Of course, if those prices sound too big for you, the new storage feature allows users to insert any 3rd party USB drive, but will only dedicate a maximum of 16GB for each.

Full Story:
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Mar 26 2010, 02:46 PM

Microsoft Confirms USB Storage coming April 6th

From Mike Sharkey:

Xbox Live Director of Programming Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb confirmed today what the rumor mill has been reporting for a week: USB storage is coming to the Xbox 360 on April 6.

Via a system update over Live, Microsoft will allow Xbox 360 owners to use USB flash drives to store profiles, game saves, demos, and any other digital media that can fit on 16 GB -- Microsoft's USB storage cap. USB hard drives "may work," Major Nelson stated, but they will also be subject to the 16 GB cap.

Major Nelson also confirmed that two USB drives can be used at once for a total of 32 GB of storage, adding that enhanced memory management functions will allow for better control of digital storage.

Once the system update is downloaded, any USB drive over 1GB can be used. However, the drives will not be automatically formatted -- that can be handled in the console's Memory menu. Microsoft did announce it has partnered with SanDisk to offer a pre-formatted USB flash drive. In conjunction with the USB storage announcement, Microsoft confirmed it is phasing out its Memory Units.

Official Site: -
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Mar 25 2010, 09:11 AM

It's Official: Standalone 250GB Hard Drive Now Available for Xbox 360

From Paul Lilly:

We've been hearing rumors that Microsoft would make available a standalone 250GB hard drive for its Xbox 360 console, even though it was just over a month ago that Xbox Live Product Manager Aaron Greenber denied any plans to offer the larger unit outside of special bundles. Greenbrier apparently didn't get the memo.

"Make sure you have enough space for the content you love," Microsoft announced on the Xbox 360 Dashboard. "The 250GB Hard Drive is the perfect storage option for your Xbox 360 Console, with plenty of space to hold all your downloaded games, movies, television shows, music, and more. Purchase one today at a participating retailer or visit for more information."

We did just that, and sure enough, the standalone drive is now available for purchase. The 250GB upgrade comes with a data transfer kit so you won't have to worry about losing your saved data, and is also packed with HD game demos, videos, and an assortment of Xbox LIVE Arcade game trials - in other words, console crapware. The 250GB standalone drive sells for $130, while the 120GB has been cut to $100.

Official Site:
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Mar 23 2010, 06:25 PM

Xbox 360 250GB Hard Drive Released in the US

From the press release:

Available in stores today, Xbox 360 introduces the 250GB Hard Drive, which offers more space to store your favorite game and entertainment content. Available at the incredible value of $129.99 (U.S ERP), the 250GB Hard Drive offers more freedom to download the latest demos, Xbox LIVE Arcade games, full game titles with Games on Demand, TV shows, movies and more straight to your Xbox 360 console.

Xbox LIVE is the premier destination to download the best games and entertainment at the touch of a button, 24x7. With a growing library of more than 13,000 pieces of gaming content, and more than 25,000 movies, TV episodes and music videos available to download or stream instantly - you're bound to find something you love.

Want to express your personality and style on Xbox LIVE? With the added storage space of the 250GB Hard Drive, it makes it easy to download and save new Avatar clothes and props from your favorite clothing brands and games, including Roxy, Quiksilver, Adidas, tokidoki, "Halo," "Gears of War" and more. Or, download a pet to keep your Avatar company.

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Mar 20 2010, 11:36 PM

JungleFlasher v0.1.73

Team Jungle released a new version (v0.1.73) of JungleFlasher(info) compatible with the latest version of C4eva's iXtreme LT.

What's new/fixed:
* Lite-On, Benq LT ver 1.1 Support.
* General Support
Better support for 125% / 120dpi in win 7
Bad DevID trap, Message to disable MRA mod and continue.
Links in IRC browser tab will load to default browser rather than IE
* DVDKey32(info)
Reg setting Delay32 adjustable from GUI, right click DVDkey32 button.
This will delay key extract to allow time to position probe.
See ver 0.1.59 nfo.
* LO-Erase
ESC to cancel failing intro after LO-Erase
* Bad Sammy-Un-Lock Key fix
Will launch automatically on see symptoms... CTRL + SHIFt + F10 still works
Dummy from IX
Trap added to fail if key appears as regular inquiry data 05 80 00 32.......

Official Site: |
Download: here
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Mar 20 2010, 11:36 PM

C4eva BenQ and LiteOn iXtreme LT v1.1

C4eva presents, in association with Team Jungle and TeamXecuter: BenQ iXtreme LT v1.1 and LiteOn iXtreme LT v1.1.

What's new/fixed (according to JungleJim):
* Liteon v1.1: improved media recognition for those with dirty disc error
* Benq v1.1: bug fix [KNOWN security vulnerability] ... this is a must update

Official Site: twitter page
Download iXtreme LT v1.1: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
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Mar 18 2010, 07:45 PM

Xbox 360 gaining USB storage support in 2010 update

Documentation obtained by Joystiq - and subsequently confirmed with two separate sources - reveals that "USB Mass Storage Device Support on Xbox 360" will soon be a reality. The document, authored by a senior software development engineer at Microsoft, states that due to "increased market penetration of high-capacity, high throughput USB mass storage devices, a 2010 Xbox 360 system update" will allow consumers to save and load game data from USB devices. The update is purportedly coming in Spring 2010.

Once the update occurs, Xbox 360 owners will be able to download Xbox Live Arcade games, Xbox Live Indie games, Games on Demand, DLC and Title Updates to the storage device. "USB storage devices may, however, have far greater memory capacity than MUs (at the date of writing, the largest MU is 512 MB), and may therefore support previously infeasible operations-such as installation of a full disc-based title." That's right, you can also store disc-based games to the USB device; however, it will require the disc to be in the tray for authentication, identical to the current functionality.

According to the document, the USB mass storage device must be at least 1GB and the system will do a compatibility check. "The system partition occupies 512 MB of space, and by default the consumer partition occupies the remainder of the device capacity, or 16 GB, whichever is smaller." Upon inserting a blank USB storage device, "consumers are offered two choices: 'Configure now' or 'Customize'." The "Configure now" option will use "the entire device capacity, up to the maximum of 512 MB plus 16 GB" meaning, regardless of the overall size of the device you're using, the Xbox will only enable 16 GB of usable, non-system storage. The "Customize" option will allow you to "preserve some pre-existing, non-console data on the device" such as music.

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Mar 17 2010, 03:25 PM

Xbox 360 Valhalla chipset pictured, 360 Slim? *Update*


An image of what is believed to be a forthcoming Xbox 360 chipset revision has been leaked onto the Internet. The board, pictured below, is said to be the successor to the current chipset - codenamed Jasper - and features both the Xbox 360 GPU and CPU on a single die.

The combination of the two is thought to have been made possible by a die shrink, presumably to 45nm.

Thought to be codenamed Valhalla, the chipset appears to be a drastic redesign from current Xbox 360 boards. The Valhalla PCB (printed circuit board) appears to be smaller than all previous iterations, and a shuffle of I/O port positioning suggests that the board will surface in a new Xbox 360 chassis. Here's an image of the CPU/GPU 'combochip' with the heatsink removed below.

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Mar 14 2010, 03:56 AM

Xecuter CK3-CP Update, XFRAG 360, CK3 Probe v2 and New LT Switch v1.5

Lots of news from Team Xecuter:

+++ Xecuter CK3-CP Update

The Xecuter CK3-CP is the crown jewel in the range of CK3 products. We have combined all the functionality of the CK3 Pro plus into a fully featured PC driven LCD Display & Control Panel, not to mention a slew of new automated features. Please note that the following image is a prototype. We expect to begin shipping sometime in April 2010.

* Fits into any 5.25″ PC bay
* 2×16 Custom Design LCD Display
* 4 x Button Directional Keypad (e.g Jungle Flasher No-Mouse Operation)
* 1 x SATA Port
* 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
* CK3 Power Connector for any XBOX 360 DVD Drive
* Xbox 360 DVD Eject Button
* IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) - Software can control DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) for fully automated DVD fw access (vendor mode etc)
* 2 x Programmable LED's (Many uses with apps like Jungle Flasher)
* When not being used for CK3, the LCD can be used to display ANY information (Huge Possibilities)
* LCD Smartie open source software is fully compatible with the LCD. Includes custom driver.
* The LCD display is fully customizable from the PC, including the directional pad and the notification LED's.
* LCD backlight and contrast are software controllable.
* The simplified and robust protocol allows anyone from hobbyists to professionals to interface the CK3 CP.
* Great for displaying system statistics like temperature, cpu usage, and ram.
* Compatible with all versions of Windows. Most linux distributions and even PowerPC and Intel Macintosh systems.

CK3 Related (Sources and info available for 3rd party software developers)
* IVM (Intelligent Vendor Mode) - DVD Power and Eject (inc half tray) full software controlled
* The LCD display can guide you step by step when flashing a 360 drive (or other app functions)
* Any input inquiry can be done right on the directional pad - and also an OK/ENTER button.
* No need to keep looking to the monitor or fiddling with the mouse to control the PC for the next step.
* Metal frame means the unit is sturdy and reliable.
* CK3-CP works with all current 360 drives.
* Industry standard, PL2303 transceiver for communication. This means you get great stability and compatibility.

+++ Xecuter XFRAG 360 Launched

The Xecuter XFRAG 360 is the ultimate accessory for the hardcore gamer who craves the accuracy and freedom of using their beloved keyboard and mouse on an Xbox 360. We have looked at other products on the market and taken it to the next level by looking at gamers wish lists and then fine tuning every aspect of quality and performance and giving it to you at a price that doesn't break the bank. This device is not meant for the average gamer who likes to take pot shots at tin cans, this is for the gamer who loves to frag the living hell out of anything that moves - whether it be Call Of Duty, Gears of War, Rainbow Six or Halo - you will simply OWN anything that crosses your path. For the discerning Playstation addict - you can even connect a PS2 DualShcok2 controller to your Xbox 360 (though why anybody would prefer the PS2 controller over the soul-soothing goodness that is a 360 controller is beyond us) - we've added it anyway !

We have struck a deal that will see this distributed in several global high street retail chains so you can be sure to be able to get your hands on one of these for only $69.95! (Similar products sell for upto $100)

* Connect a PS/2 or USB keyboard & Mouse to the Xbox 360
* Connect a Playstation DualShock2 controller to the Xbox 360
* All Xbox 360 buttons including analogue can be mapped to any keys on the keyboard
* Rapid Fire and Auto Fire Function (8 Customizable Buttons)
* Adjustable X&Y Mouse Sensitivity
* Compatible with most PS/2 or USB Keyboard & Mouse combination's
* Compatible with all Xbox 360 Games
* Compatible with all Xbox 360 Console Versions
* Compatible with both CL & the new Matrix Xbox 360 Wired Controllers
* Connect any PS2 peripheral including Guitars, Dance mats, Light Guns, Racing Wheels etc
* Trusted Xecuter Design & Quality

+++ CK3 Probe v2 First Batch Available & New LT Switch v1.5

As previously announced the CK3 Probe v2 shipment was on hold due to the delay on the custom made conductive glue shipment. Due to the quantity it was not allowed to be flown on a airplane so had to be transported by ship (which has caused an 8 week delay). However we have been inundated with requests to release a batch of the stock without the glue as many of you are simply prepared just to do the trace repairs yourselves. Naturally we have instructed the resellers who are selling without the glue to give a discount and to make sure that you are made aware that the glue is not included. It is on its way so if you are desperate for the no-solder solution then you'll have to wait a couple more weeks.

The good news is that while we were waiting for the glue we had time to add a new feature called MULTI-R which is also a new feature that we have added to an upgraded version of the ridiculously popular LT Switch.

With the help of TeaJunkie on our forums who has become somewhat of a go-to guy for repairing Liteon PCB's that some of you had butchered in a frenzy of solder-hate, we discovered a very small number of DVD drives that simply would not switch to vendor mode. Now before a thousand of you who couldn't get 0×72 vendor mode start waving your hands, the number of returned drives with this error was 2 out of 63 drives. The majority of the time it was user error. However even if there is a small chance of an issue, we had to find a solution and implement it. After input from other experienced members and various articles on the same problem, we found that the LT Switch default resistor level of 20 Ohms could sometimes be too much or not enough for a small number of DVD drives (we found that the majority of drives that ever showed this issue were the Liteon 93450). So our solution once again lends itself to the process of K.I.S.S (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID) - We added a switch bank so you could choose your level of resistor :) Your options are 18 Ohms, 20 Ohms (Default) and 22 Ohms. We have called this feature "MULTI-R" and it has now been implemented on the LT Switch v1.5 and the CK3 Probe v2.

We have also made sure that unlike other products, the underside of the PCB is protected against shortages from any exposed PCB traces (as implemented on the LT Switch v1) The New Designed LT Switch v1.5 with MULTI-R. On Sale From March 28th £5.95 / $8.95 (Bulk Discounts Available As Usual).

....and the new design CK3 Probe v2 with MULTI-R Feature. Note we have also color coded the Probes so they can be easily identified. Remember that unlike other products, the CK3 Probe v2 also has Probe v1 Support (Liteon 74850 Key Dump with No Trace Cuts), has its own power isolator switch so you can be completely safe against shortages even if your CK3 is turned on and no rebuild PCB's to solder. The new custom made conductive glue is absolutely fantastic and as soon as that's ready to ship we will let you know. In the meantime you can buy the CK3 probe v2 without the glue for just £11.95 / $17.95 - Stock is expected to arrive before March 28th.

Official Site:
Reviews of LT Switch, CK3 Pro, Blaster CK3 by Team Jungle: here, here and here
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Mar 5 2010, 05:06 AM

JungleFlasher v0.1.72 (101)

A new version of JungleFlasher(info) has been released.

What's new/fixed:
* Benq LT support

Official Site:
Download: here
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Mar 5 2010, 04:18 AM

C4E's BENQ iXtreme Lite Touch (LT)

C4E's LT DVD firmware for BENQ drives has been released:

C4E's iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter

After a long development and testing process we give you the first official release of the iXtreme LT
- Supports all BenQ Drives (62430C, 64930C)
- Supports all Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
- Totally re-written code optimised for minimal patching
- Whole banks of firware now untouched
- New Drive response timing engine accurately mimics original drive timings
- Full disc stealth used by default
- Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!
- Split-Vid used as default

* Warning! Ensure all disc images are checked with abgx as LT assumes all stealth/ss/pfi/dmi is correct. Disc images must also be splitvid and preferred SS v2
* Warning! Lt will not save you from being banned if console is already flagged by using a previous firmware or non-stealth discs
* It is also advisable to apply all system updates before flashing with LT. All future console system updates (not game updates) must be applied with caution

* Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.
* Thanks also go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.

Official Site: n/a, by C4E, Team Jungle & Team Xecuter
Download: (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
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Mar 2 2010, 12:11 AM

Run Jungle Flasher Win7 x64 With Perm Disabled Driver Signing – No More F8


As you may (or may not) know, the new 64bit compatible Jungle Flasher requires you to disable the Windows 7 driver signing policy by hitting F8 every time you boot up as the 64 bit PortIO driver isn't digitally signed.

After a bit of digging we found a nice workaround that completely patches the Windows Patchguard system. No more F8 and rebooting and no more Test Mode - works 100%

All info and files were found on - so full credits go to Fyyre (Follow his Twitter) The patch is a simple 3 stage process and is completely uninstallable. Takes just a few seconds to implement.

This patch is for Windows 7 X64. It directly modifies ntoskrnl.exe & winload.exe to remove Microsoft's "PatchGuard" and requirement of driver signing. This is accomplished by patching 6 bytes inside ntoskrnl.exe and four bytes inside of winload.exe. I originally made this for myself... wanting to again be able to hook inside of ntoskrnl like with X86 Windows.

Copy the files to your desktop. First run 1.cmd, then 2.exe and click patch, then run 3.cmd. After reboot select Patchguard Disabled option and thats it

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Feb 27 2010, 07:35 PM

JungleFlasher v0.1.71 (98)

A new version of JungleFlasher(info) has been released.

What's new/fixed:
* No Lite-On LT spoofing
No longer says copied ID strings when target is LT
No longer Shows false spoof when LT is "spoofed" with older JF ver
- previous versions are not forward compatible with LT
- they may put spoof in place but LT will ignore it.

* Hitachi Support
Bug fix - master checksum now set when auto-spoofing Stock Hitachi
Master Checksum now set when spoofing stock Hitachi in firmtools.
Bug fix - JF no longer crashes when saving encrypted Hitachi.

* General Support
IRC tab that calls a Java IRC client in embedded browser window
requires 2 dll's... included

Official Site:
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Feb 7 2010, 02:44 AM

Xecuter CK3-CP (CK3 Control Panel)

Team Xecuter sent xbox-scene details about one of their new upcoming products:

The Xecuter CK3-CP (CK3 Control Panel)

5 1/4" PC Bay Complete Control Panel for all Xbox 360 Connectivity Functionality and more !
Custom LCD Support
Integrated CK3 Pro (Rev D USB)
External SATA
2 x USB 2.0 Ports
Compatible with ALL Xbox 360 DVD Drives
Hardware Mode-B For Hitachi Drives
Hardware Eject For All Drives
4 Programmable Directional Keypad
Programmable LCD Output
Programmable LED Interface
100% Smartie LCD Driver Support
Power Switch For DVD Vendor Mode
Includes SATA Cable

More features and 3rd party software support to be announced soon.

Official Site:
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Feb 7 2010, 03:13 AM

Team Xecuter xDrive 360 – Black Edition

After many requests we have made the xDrive 360 Black Edition for those with the Elite consoles. The price is the same as the first xDrive 360 and will be available from all Xecuter retailers from next week. Note to current xDrive Users: Remember to switch to your internal stock (unflashed) DVD drive when performing system updates ;)

Official Site:
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Feb 7 2010, 03:10 AM

iXtreme LT for BenQ completed - Testing - Coming Soon!

>> Team Jungle/C4Eva posted a new update on their twitter page:

BenQ LT complete, debugging and testing.

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Feb 5 2010, 07:48 PM

Xbox LIVE being discontinued for Original Xbox consoles and games

On April 15 we will discontinue the Xbox LIVE service for original Xbox consoles and games, including Xbox v1 games playable on Xbox 360 and Xbox Originals. I want to start by saying this isn't a decision we made lightly, but after careful consideration, it is clear this will provide the greatest benefit to the Xbox LIVE community.

Seven years ago we laid out our vision for the connected console when we launched Xbox LIVE. We believed then that the power of the Internet to connect people would revolutionize living room entertainment. It started with amazing multiplayer games, and we've since seen that bet pay off again and again with the launches of Xbox 360, Marketplace, Netflix and powerful social features like Facebook, Twitter and None of this would have been possible without the success of LIVE as a multiplayer gaming network.

There's no greater example of the power of the Xbox LIVE community than the "Halo" franchise. "Halo 2" has had an amazing run on LIVE, with a dedicated community more than five years after launch and well into the next generation of consoles. It has fundamentally changed the way we play video games. And while it's difficult to see that run come to an end, the "Halo" franchise continues to act as the benchmark for multiplayer gaming in this generation, with "Halo 3," "Halo 3: ODST" and soon "Halo: Reach" on Xbox 360.

Your Xbox LIVE community has grown to 23 million strong. And as we look down the road, we'll continue to evolve the service with features and experiences that harness the full power of Xbox 360. To reach our aspiration, we need to make changes to the service that are incompatible with our original Xbox v1 games. We will contact the Xbox LIVE members directly impacted by this change and if this includes you, I encourage you to check your LIVE messages and associated e-mail account over the coming weeks for more details and opportunities. We view you as a partner in this process.

We'll share more details soon, but in the meantime I want to assure you that the best is yet to come for Xbox LIVE. I believe we'll look back on 2010 as a landmark year in gaming and home entertainment, and I couldn't be more excited about what we have in store with "Project Natal" and LIVE. The LIVE community is the driving force behind everything we do, and it's because of the community that ground-breaking experiences on Xbox continue to be possible.

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Feb 2, 2010 04:56 PM

Xecuter Ck3 Probe V2, The First No Solder Liteon Solution

After the amazing success of our LT Switch solution, we are pleased to launch the latest addition to the CK3 family of products – the CK3 Probe v2. This is targeted to installers who require a multi-use no solder solution to the new Liteon drives.

Still retaining the original CK3 Probe function of dumping the 74850 key, but now also enabling full firmware access of the new 83850V2 and 93450 drives – you can easily switch between PROBE and LT Switch Modes – A complete solderless solution ! The CK3 Probe 2 connects to both the CK3 Lite and CK3 Pro connectivity kits and includes full status LED's and an extra protection circuit against accidental shortages on the DVD PCB. Stock is expected to ship within 2 weeks. RRP $17.95

Official Site:
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Feb 1, 2010 04:25 PM

MS now selling standalone 250GB HDD ... in Japan

Microsoft is bumping up the size on the external hard drive accessory for the Xbox 360 to 250 GB. The downside? It's only available in far. Normally only sold as a part of a bundle with a new Xbox 360 gaming console, interested gamers will have the option to buy the larger hard drive as a stand-alone accessory. Set to be release in Japan on March 11, the new storage space key will cost ¥15,540 ($172.10)

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Feb 1, 2010 04:09 PM

Maximus Xtractor Addon: Vampire

This device will help to professional installers to do the Firmware reading on the latest Liteon drives (83850V2 & 93450). Its based on the MRA concept and 100% compatible with all Xtractor units, it connects directly on the Xtractor pin port. It came with 2 visual indicators, one for polarity check and other for Vendor Mode.

This device release could confuse some people because we just released Litekey (click here).But the reason is simple, Litekey is intended for end users who want to install a device on their drives that simplify their lifes on future updates without having to re-open the drive, their main worry is about enjoying the console, they should not be bothered about plugging, wiring, switching, every time they update.

Now for the Professional Installers market, some installers could adopt Litekey for their regular daily mods, and they could simply pass the Litekey cost to end user (who ends with a more quality job). But there are other Installers who can feel leaving one Litekey soldered for every drive they mod is an un-needed expense, so basically they are 2 different markets, the vampire will cover the market that does not accept litekey as a choice and preffer a re-usable tool even when could require some more care and some extra steps to do the updates on the future.

But more to add to the confusion, Vampire didn't came alone !!! What is this small board that seems similar to litekey !!! Its Maximus trying to confuse us ?

This board is a rebuild board, do you remember having to wire up the traces that you cut at the beginning of the MRA method to read the Liteon Firmware? well, this board can be used to avoid doing that re-wire, while the use of this board IS NOT REQUIRED to use the Vampire, we are sure that the use of this board will simplify the full mod procedure, and it has a couple of extra features like making easy access to the probe spots for the vampire and at the end of the job you can choose route the PIN 101 to the power connector of the drive for future updates without re-open (with an upcoming tool). Simply use the rebuild board from the beginning of the installation and we are sure you will find it useful.

We have placed on our Downloads section 2 manuals, one for the use of the "Vampire with the rebuild board" (recomended) and other for using the "Vampire Standalone". We really want you give a try and we have bundled 2 Rebuild Boards for free on every Vampire sale (till new announcement). More rebuild boards can be acquired in affordable packs on your favorite reseller's store if you end adopting the concept.

Picture of the Kit Contents. Suggested Retail Price: 15 USD

Official Site:
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Jan 27, 2010 08:11 AM

Benq iXtreme LT almost completed!

Not really much more to say ... Team Jungle posted on their twitter page that the next iXtreme LT firmware we can expect will be for the BenQ drive: Benq LT almost complete!

Official Site: TeamJungle's TwitterPage
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Jan 27, 2010 07:35 AM

Maximus 360 Litekey

Maximus introduced a new device for 83850V2 and 93450 Liteon Drives: This small device will put you at ease for those for those hard to do 83850V2 and 93450 Liteon Drives Maximus 360 Litekey.

Below you can see a video demonstration of an earlier prototype wich is mounted OUTSIDE the drive, the final version (very similar to the one above) its designed to mount inside the drive.

Feature List:
original design based on the mra concept
*Smart mtk mode, no need to open drive to flip any switch, just boot your drive with tray open
*Rebuild board at 100%
*Zero intrusion to the drive when in "normal mode"
*Undetectable when placed in disabled mode
*Allows disable/re-enable without opening your drive case again !!
*Compatible with latest dosflash and jungleflasher
*Visual mode indicators
*Permanent-enable mode
*Minimal current consumption
*Quicksolder pads (noob friendly)
*High quality materials

Led Indicators:
* Green: drive booted with tray closed, litekey sleeps and allow normal drive operation
* Red: drive booted with tray open and litekey started mtk vendor mode
* Green-Red: the drive started with tray open but litekey is disabled, allow normal drive operation

Official Site: (thx to GaryOPA for the news)
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Jan 25, 2010 07:11 AM

New Xecuter CK3 USB Drivers v1.1.0

From team-xecuter
The CK3 Pro / Blaster CK3 drivers have been updated to include official Windows 7 x64 support and other minor changes. This installer is now a complete all-in-one driver package for all supported OS.

From the Readme:
CK3 PRO / BLASTER CK3 Driver Setup Installer
Release Notes:
CK3 Pro Driver Installer v1.1.0
Changes from Installer v1.0.6.26:
Driver Changes
* Windows 98/ME Driver: v2.0.0.19
* Windows 2000/XP/Server2003(32 & 64-bit) WDM WHQL Driver: v2.0.13.130
* Windows Vista/7/Server2008(32 & 64-bit) WDF WHQL Driver: v3.3.10.140

Installer Changes -
* Fixed cannot run installer program in Windows 2000 SP4.
* Change version numbering format based on Installshield 3-digit format.

Official Site:
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Jan 24, 2010 02:26 AM

C4eva presents iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) in association with Team Jungle and Team Xecuter

After a great deal of development and anticipation we are pleased to announce for the first time that Team Xecuter are giving direct support to C4EVA to help his development capabilities and to make sure that the scene get's the best work from the scene's #1 360 firmware coder - for absolutely no cost at all times. Naturally donations are always welcome :p

Our thanks goes to Commodore4eva (C4EVA) and Team Jungle for their hard work in giving the scene these fantastic products. From The iXtreme LT NFO:

C4E's iXtreme Lite Touch (LT) in association with Team Jungle & Team Xecuter After a long development and testing process we give you the first official release of the iXtreme LT
* Supports all Liteon Drives (74850, 83850V1, 83850V2, 93450)
* Totally re-written code optimised for minimal patching
* Whole banks of firmware now untouched
* New Drive response timing engine accurately mimics original drive timings
* Full disc stealth used by default
* Waveless booting , disc images are assumed to be correct!
* Split-Vid used as default

###### WARNING ######
Warning! Ensure all disc images are checked with abgx as LT assumes all stealth/ss/pfi/dmi is correct. Disc images must also be splitvid and preferred SS v2 Warning! LT will not save you from being banned if console is already flagged by using a previous firmware or non-stealth discs It is also advisable to apply all system updates before flashing with LT. All future console system updates (not game updates) must be applied with caution!
###### WARNING ######

Thanks go to Team Jungle for their hard work and efforts in the development process.

In association with Team Jungle and Team Xecuter Also from Team Jungles' Twitter Page - news of the latest version of JungleFlasher In anticipation to LT, JungleFlasher v0.1.70(85S) has been released! Includes full support for the upcoming iXtreme LT firmware.

From the Jungle Flasher NFO:
**Lite On Support
Auto-Load Lite-Touch firmwares Calibration data
*spoof copies calibration data if present in source
*dummy from traget will place calibration data in dummy v2 at same location
Secret Inquiry
*performed before LO83info to identify 83 v2 and abort sequence
*performed for DVDKey, Lo83info and Dummy from iXtreme and added to dummy v2 to differientiate 83v1 & 83v2
Legacy cross spoofing
*bug fixed, now working, sorry ;
New key locations
*long suspected 74 f/w's with 0x1a000 and 0x1b000 key sectors,
*both found recently, support added.

**Gerneral Support
EXplorer contexts fixed for start in JF.
EXplorer contexts fixed for Win 7.

Thanks go to Team Xecuter for their generous support to this project.

Xecuter CK3 Pro:
Download JungleFlasher v0.1.70(85S):
Download C4E's iXtreme Lite Touch (LT): (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
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Jan 18, 2010 01:16 AM

iXtreme LT will release shortly as promised for free!

We have supported C4E and Team Jungle for some time now and it is so ridiculous to us when we see so much garbage and drama being posted around on different forums. First we see some sites trying to sell iXtreme LT for stupid amounts of money, then the price goes in half then it doubles then it shows as out of stock? Then of course everyone bitches about C4E even though this wasn’t his idea and these guys also forget that the iXtreme firmwares are his work and no one else’s – he owes nothing to no one. He should be lauded with credits and support not with bitching and whining, I’m surprised he even bothers any more but we also know how much he loves to do this work. It really is pathetic to see some fools post crap like that, but i guess the console scene never changes does it.

Now we see attempts at “cracking” a pre-release demo version of the LT firmware and people trying to gain credits and “pats on the back” for this work. All we can say is – we’ve looked at both firmwares – the real Lt and the leaked one, This is real from Geremia over at XBH got a 'demo' version of LT from a reseller, cracked it, and released it for all. Take our advise – don’t use the leaked incomplete version and connect to Xbox Live. Google X360 GX-Mod and translate that page.

We developed bios’s for many years and know how much time and effort it takes to do this kind of work – we support C4E in all the work he does and as members of the scene we thank him for it. Anyway the guys at Team Jungle have updated their Twitter page with this info:

iXtreme LT will release shortly as promised for free. Unofficial files are incomplete and unsafe. Protection was to prevent unofficial use!

Official Site:
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Jan 14, 2010 12:32 AM

Xecuter CK3 Pro (Rev D)

The CK3 Pro has become the largest selling and most popular Xbox 360 connectivity kit in the world. Naturally we receive many thousands of emails giving feedback regarding likes, dislikes, feature requests, problems, and bugs. After reviewing many scenarios and after much testing we have released the 4th version in the history of the CK3 Pro (since 2006) - the Xecuter CK3 Pro (Rev D).

CK3 Pro (Rev D) Upgrades:
* Fully redesigned PCB to allow cleaner USB communication
* Protection circuit to solve any RS232 / USB Overheating issues that some users had with certain PC configurations
* Serial / USB Override Switch
* Two color power cable to show correct way around (helps people who have Liteon drives and sometimes have the drive upside down and inadvertently connect the power cable the wrong way around. One row of cables is Green to show the correct way UP and one row is red.
* Tested extensively with the latest version of Jungle Flasher & the Liteon LT Switch
* New designed packaging for retailers

Official Site:
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Jan 9, 2010 03:55 AM

There's no need for a new Xbox, says Microsoft

We all know that the games business goes in cycles and that a new generation of consoles always comes along to replace whatever is popular today. In fact, we should now be talking about the Xbox 720, Sony PlayStation 4 and Wii II, or whatever they might be called, because game developers need a couple of years to create new games to exploit the new hardware capabilities that justify the launch of a new generation. But we aren't, and Microsoft doesn't want us to.

"I think it's important to say that the Xbox 360 is the console of the long future for us. There is no need to launch a new console, because we're able to give this console new life either with software upgrades or hardware upgrades like Project Natal," said David Hufford, senior director of Xbox product management in a briefing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. "The Xbox 360 was designed for a long life, and I don't even know if we're at the midpoint yet."

Full Story:
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Jan 8, 2010 03:50 PM

Xecuter LT Switch - Enhanced Version

A few days ago we announced that we had designed a simple circuit to enable full firmware read/write on all versions of Liteon drive up to the very latest 93450. The response was unprecedented - especially from installers who were given generous wholesale discounts by all of our resellers.

After reading an enormous amount of feedback we made some extra changes to the design in time for shipping to resellers next week:
* Redesigned circuit to give a cleaner filter when switching to Vendor mode. No more read errors !
* Enlarged solder points to give an easier flow to the Liteon PCB points - Noob friendly !
* Added Read/Write Mode LED (RED)
* Added Normal 360 Mode LED (Green)
* Upgrade the switch to a stronger more robust model
* Changed location of LED so they can be viewed when Liteon PCB is installed to its case
* Slight improvement to the PCB shape so it sits firmly and accurately in place when soldering.

Thanks to MRA for the idea of dumping 83850v2 and 93450 key, original post on

Liteon 83850-v2 and Liteon 93450 DVD Key Can Now Be Dumped?

Easier Method For Complete Lite-on Firmware Dump

Diygadget's Solderless 83850 V2 And 93450 Key Dump

Liteon 83850c Hardware And Software Support Thread

Liteon Ixtreme V1.61 For All Lite-on's

Bricked Liteon? JungleFlasher Can't open bin files? No Com Ports in JungleFlasher?

Official Site:
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Jan 5, 2010 09:41 PM

Xecuter LT Switch – Easy Switch For Liteon 94850, 83850 and 93450 DVD

After a great deal of requests we have designed a simple switch for all the Liteon drives that enables firmware full read/write. We have also included an On/OFF Led to show correction operation when switching to 0×72 vendor mode.

The installation is very simple and takes about 60 seconds if you have some small experience with a soldering iron. It has been tested with the original DOSFLASH methods and also the new Jungle Flasher 0.1.69. All Liteon drive version have been tested with 100% Success. There is no need to remove the LT Switch after it has been installed - simply switch to normal mode.

Official Site:
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Dec 30, 2009 01:18 AM

JungleFlasher 0.1.69 (75)

A new version of JungleFlasher (info) has been released.

What's new/fixed:
* Firmtool Engine
Finally re-coded firmtool engine correctly
* full support for encrypted lite-on, source and target
* easier support for cross spoofing
* Port IO
Using Schtrom's driver portIO driver, which includes 64bit support.
* iXtreme 1.61 for lite-on
Will autoload iX 1.61 for Liteon
* Hitachi Support
Added new spoofing method for Hitachi. "Auto Spoof", will spoof inquiry and key on the fly directly from source buffer. Will use existing file or request for load if empty.
* KeyDB Viewer
New keyDB, right click source tab.

Official Site:
Download: Here
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Dec 29, 2009 11:45 AM

Diygadget's Solderless 83850 V2 And 93450 Key Dump

Thanks to MRA for the idea of dumping 83850v2 and 93450 key, original post on

Inspired by his great idea, diygadget have found a way to do the trick without soldering witch should be good news for people that can't solder that great.

Xbox 360 Connectivity Kit V3 and Liteon 83850-V2 / 93450 Solderless Key Extractor Combo. If you already have the Connectivity Kit V3 from diygadget you could make the following Parts your self from this Basically, you need to connect the top via to GND via a 22 ohm or lower resistor, and connect the bottom via to a 3.3v line.

Instead of soldering the wires to the PCB (in order to access GND and 3.3v line), you could use 3 wires, one end of the first wire permanently connect to a 3.3V pad on DVD power adapter by using an alligator, and the other end connect to a pogo pin (let's call it pogo pin B ), so you can hold it on the bottom via to make the connection, this is similar to the 73x firmware key extracting.

For the second wire, one end can permanently connect to the GND pad of DVD adapter, and the other end connect to a 22 ohm or lower resistor. Use 3rd wire to connect the other end of the resistor, and connect other end of the 3 wire to a pogo pin, let's call it pogo pin A.

Official Site:
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Dec 28, 2009 04:14 PM

C4eva Team Jungle LiteOn iXtreme v1.61

From the Team Jungle twitter page:

C4eva presents, in association with TeamJungle: LiteOn iXtreme v1.61 - Added support for waves 4 and 5 There's no NFO with the release, but unlike yesterdays 'non-stealth' release I believe this release still has all stealth features but with modified checks to also allow/boot Wave 4 and Wave 5. However that doesn't mean it's safe to use on LIVE, it's NOT.

Official Site: TeamJungle
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Dec 27, 2009 03:01 AM

iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth

A modified non-stealth version of iXtreme v1.6 has been released:

Patched to always act like if activate.iso was inserted, so blindly loads PFI DMI SS and goes on.


Note: in case you wonder, no it's NOT safe on Xbox LIVE.

Download: iXtreme v1.6 Non-Stealth (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
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Dec 25, 2009 05:33 AM

Microsoft Banning Homebrew 360s from LIVE

It looks like Microsoft started banning homebrew Xbox 360 (running freeBOOT or XBReboot) from Xbox LIVE. This was of course highly expected to happen any time soon. There are many ways for Microsoft to detect these modifications, no stealth or anything was implemented (nor is there any will from the dev community to do this considering it would even be possible). Homebrew and Xbox LIVE don't go together, nor should they probably.

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Dec 23, 2009

BenQ modified iXtreme 1.41 Final Rev3-4 (SS) Non-Stealth 12X

A modified version of BenQ iXtreme v1.41 has been released:

(1.41 REV4 (SS)) Secret Liteon MS Inquiry cdb support - Samsung and Benq
(1.41 REV3 (SS)) Drive Serial added like the original firmware
(1.41 REV3 (SS)) Disc speed fixed
(v1.41) Read Sector fix
(v1.4) Disc jitter fix
(v1.1) Extra compatability for some DVD movies
(v1.0) Boots ALL Stealth or non Stealth Xbox 360 backups
(v1.0) Boots ALL compatible Stealth or non Stealth Xbox 1 backups
(v1.0) Boots all Xbox 360 originals
(v1.0) Boots all compatible Xbox 1 originals on Xbox 360

Use Rev. 4 to spoof BenQ as a Liteon drive
If you use the old Rev 4 or 5, just upgrade to the Final rev4. If you use Rev 3 you do not do anything.

Use on Xbox Live at own risk.
Thanks to all testers and C4EVA for the Non-Stealth firmware.
This firmware is based on the firmware from C4EVA. All credits to C4EVA.

More details about the development of this modified Non-Stealth FW is available in this x-s forum thread.

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Dec 13, 2009 06:30PM

The Xbox 360 Security System and its Weaknesses

Microsoft explains security to others and how to make there hardware more secure witch they failed many times to do there self even with the Xbox360. This video is over a Year old but I think it's really important to watch and to see how far we came especially to the people that have hacked it, Then letting the hole world know of this backdoor that was left open plus I though it would be good to know what c4e is going through but one thing is for sure there will always be a backdoor left open.

Dec 5 2009, 08:14 AM

Better Method For Complete Lite-on Firmware Dump

First off all credit goes to MRA for the original concept.

The only difference between syntaxerror329 method and MRA's is that he instructs people to cut "pad101" away from the trace. The problem is that this is not that easy for most people. After you do it his way the pad is very weak. Many people broke the pad off while cutting it from the trace and others damaged it after when they heated it up to solder. So syntaxerror329 came up with a 3 cut & 2 jump method that I think is much safer for the average user. Also he has the Ground point going to a tiny pad when most of the circuit board is Ground.

Also syntaxerror329 have included some very high quality pictures that show every step in great detail on

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Dec 2, 2009 05:13 AM

A Memoir, Team Hyperx. Liteon Encryption

A overview of the history behind firmware modification & the creation and conclusion of the team formerly 'Team jungle' and the story of an unsuccessful extortion. All views expressed are documented between several members of Team Jungle,THX and the scene and are not opinions expressed by Xbox-Scene.

A great amount of work has been put into the xtreme, and now current ixtreme firmware. commodore4eva, now simply known as 'c4e' came upon the scene to bring changes to the xbox360's firmware that lead to new innovations and progress to a section within the xbox360 hacking scene.

These changes have been for the most part very positive, and in 2009 I formed a group who became known as 'Team Jungle' who spent 8 months working in unison to crack the first LiteOn drive. It was a very very big achievement, and kudos is deserved all around for each member that did their share. It was a very bleak dismal long process that did not look so promising for many many months. The conclusion of Team Jungle/Team HyperX has arrived, and will be documented in this story. It is also my intention to notify everyone of facts previously withheld from the public, and to clear the air with some people unfairly accused of fraud and elitism/heroism with malcontent smile.gif

With the cat and mouse game of almost all modification scenes, with hackers vs vendors, technologies are constantly updated and secured against new vulnerabilities. As the ixtreme firmware was released for the LiteOn, it was apparent to that specific vendor that they needed to step up their game once their secure platform was defeated. It WAS a very brilliant design, for in the simplicity of basic hardware it becomes difficult to secure a platform without the host being entirely integrated into the overall security. We see the PS3 as a fine example of this: A hardware platform that has proven very secure from top to bottom!

Unfortunately, as the securities increased, known vulnerabilities decreased and new methods needed to be found. Alas, they were smile.gif Some of these vulnerabilities were hardware based, and some software. Some were vendor commands (cdb's) that were intentionally placed within the firmware for diagnostic purposes! A large part of firmware 'hacking' is disassembling the firmware and discovering all of the hidden cdb's for alternative usage (piracy, homebrew, etc).

In order to hack the LiteOn, a team was necessary. c4e's talent was the final step to a very long process. You need experts on the physical/hardware side who are capable of extracting the firmware (since known software methods were locked out). Sometimes several hardware guys are needed for different area's of talent. One might be skilled in decapsulation and extraction methods and the other has xray and microscopes and is excellent at detailing smile.gif The bottom line is 90% of the work was NOT associated with the firmware and the job preformed by c4e. The firmware modification was the easy part! Of the 8 months spent on that project, only 24hrs was needed by c4e to complete his part of the project smile.gif

With every release of xtreme and ixtreme firmware different methods of hacking that particular hardware platform became apparent through documentation (tutorials), software (JF, sending cdb's, etc) or specs/technical information released. Speculation is always a key player whether methodology is apparent, released or not.

When the 83850c hit the shelves, the public quickly figured out that there was a flaw: serial output was not working. So the team found a few 83850c's through our usual channels (distributors), purchased them (despite what you think, we usually buy our materials, most dont ever make it back. donations are very 'final'.) and got them shipped to one of our hardware specialists that is capable of decapsulating and reading eeprom's. It takes a rather talented and unique skillset to decapsulate and dump eeprom's with microfiber smile.gif Infact, the 'micro' is a understatement: Its so small its practically invisible to the human eye! Imagine trying to solder that!

Our hardware genius successfully dumped the firmware. Since our crypto (software) genius already cracked the encryption algorithm of the original drive's firmware (which was one of the most difficult tasks of hacking the drive!!) it was just a matter of having him decrypt it for us. Once decrypted, c4e can start doing his patching routines, aswell as analyze the firmware for security changes. For a month I sat in the dark as c4e and the rest of the group 'worked' on getting the drive to output key/serial data. At the time it was presumed impossible. On the 5th week I was brought full circle and informed that the team had been coordinating decisions outside of my knowledge. Apparently the team came to a decision since there was no way to retrieve the key via software. The only hardware method at the time was full acid decapsulation, with the exception of the pin lift method. I would like to take a moment to explain the following with an analogy:

Sir Alex Ferguson is the manager of the world famous Manchester United football(soccer) club. He does not play soccer (he used to). However, he is essential to the success of the the football team. He uses his managerial experience to bring together players that would not normally play the sport together. When the team starts playing, he uses his decision making skills to combat changes within the field. Without him, the team can still play and successful at that! However, without him the team will eventually die, as they will become stale and not progress or get fresh blood into the roster. I use this analogy for myself. I created Team Jungle, which I renamed to THX due to a fallout between me and one of the developers who I had start the project we now know as 'jungle flasher'. He was not a team player(several incidents), so I removed him from the team. Instead of changing the name of his application to disassociate himself from the team, I decided to change the team name! While I created the team, and organized it and made decisions, the essential process (hacking) can obviously be done without me. The team made that choice when they went outside of my circle to discuss the future of LiteOn in regards to the team.

The decision that the team had come to was to integrate a piece of hardware(a modchip) into the process that would make end users capable of modding the new LiteOn drive without us giving away our only hardware 'dumping' method, the pin-lift method recently disclosed by geremia. We did not want MS and LiteOn/MTK to patch the only known software hole(pin-lift method) as that would defeat our capabilities in the future to dump the firmware. While we can always try to decapsulate, there are methods to combat it, and its a very risky process that destroys the hardware. I am also experienced enough to understand that multiple avenues of hacking must be present in order to secure the *future* of this project! The reason the team did not disclose their decision, or the decision making process to me was simple: Greed. They wanted to bargin with the chinese to get the maximum money possible out of each chip sold, and I was one less pie cut. And hey, im not a hacker right? I dont do any work (other than creating the group and making the ENTIRE process possible!) so why should I get paid? Well, no loss on my end, and only theirs(the groups) because I would have been, and argued very strongly against ANY money-based process.

At that time c4e came to me and told me that they had been meeting behind my back and had come to a decision, however c4e in the 5th week after obtaining the fw found out how the serial key output had changed, with a encrypted key data. He had already contacted foundmy and made the key decryption services a reality. He had already consulted with the other group members who (due to legal risk) said they did not want to be a part of it. Everything was ready to launch by the time I was told about it, and asked whether I wanted to be a part of it.

I did the only thing I felt I could do: I told c4e that what he was doing was wrong. I told him it would destory the team. I told him the legal rammifications was a distaster.I told him that the scene would rebel against it, that this was a FREE hacking scene and that no one would pay. I told him that I wanted him to consult with a lawyer before doing ANYTHING. But, most importantly.....I said yes and joined. Even now, as im getting "Iriez is a thief!" thrown at me left and right, I still do not regret joining the process. The reason is simple: The fundamental choice to join was so that I could gain control of the process, as I had control of the group and it was my natural place to coordinate the process. From within the drivers seat, I had more decision making power. With that power, I could do things such as: LOWER THE PRICE. Before anything became public, before any details were disclosed to me, I voiced not only the opinions above, but also that if he was going to extort money from the end users of this scene, that he would have to do it within reason. I told him that if he absolutely was going to go forward with the process, that it should be *no more* than $10 or $15.

At that time, I asked him the details of the security. How the key encryption worked, at what level, etc. He withheld information from me, such as the fact that it was a meager 128BIT AES. I specifically asked him the key rate, and c4e, typically himself - a socially dysfunctional anti-team player who ignores anything that he does not feel like answering - refused to answer my questions. He knew his security was pitiful and did not want to hear my objections. Im glad he did withhold it. Im glad he didnt make it a higher security, so that we could crack it at a later time.

What I do regret out of the entire process is this: I paraded the entire process for c4e. I chose 'swim' in a sink or swim situation, and tried to make the best out of it. Instead of notifying the public of a grand scheme, infact ...more so, a *extortion* scheme. c4e was the only person who actively was hacking. As far as we knew, the changes he found were irreversible. Yes, he had the decryption key, as he was the person who cracked it in the first place! He had to know the key in order to setup a decryption process for foundmy. Foundmy would then pay c4e (foundmy made a 10 thousand dollar deposit into c4e's bank account. They were projecting millions in $$) for every key sold. The way it was setup c4e handled the decryption process through a advanced and secure remote process. It was not given to foundmy or anyone else.

Since the situation forced every single person who wanted to modify their liteon to pay, I would consider it "extortion". I regret that I tried to convince people to use the service, but there was rationality behind my decision: I completely believed that the key was using the same encryption as the entire base firmware. That encryption scheme is much more advanced, and to this day only 2 people have cracked it. I believed no one could defeat encryption. You must understand, we had tools and extra very important non-public data in regards to previous hacking, such as a pre-liteon hardware with the new LiteOn securities embedded, *without* the encryption! This greatly aided the cracking of the encryption, and is something no one else has! So my belief that it could not be cracked led me to accept c4e's dictatorship, because if it was uncrackable, no one else would be able to defeat it. What else could I do but try as hard as I can to move the situation in a positive direction. To my credit, towards the end I aided several people and groups in the effort to crack the encryption. I did not agree with releasing the decryption process, but I did see that *something* had to be done, and holding the power to crack the process gave leverage to make decisions.

He also was planning ANOTHER pay-for-key licensing program with ixtreme 1.7. Here is logs of some conversation:

1.7 will have new one shot boot and anti ap25, MS has been readying the routine in the new liteons, it is ready to use and is very accurtae
wholesale modders ship new drive pcbs to us, we mod, send back but this can include older liteons if they wish, no fw released ever, no public released, but wholesale modders can sell modded systems or drives
1.61 fw is only for benq and sammy
1.7 will be for liteon only
1.7 has some extra features and the drive key is encrypted
new features are anti-ap25 and one shot boot session (until power off)
in the end their drivekey will not work in 1.7 unless it is our encrypted version
1.7 will be for all liteons
the liteon will have 1.7
it will have an encrypted drive key, customised by us, normal drivekeys wont work no release to the public for now either probably never

There he is not only planning on letting 'distributors' *control* the process (which was the problem with foundmy, c4e let FOUNDMY *control* the pricing!!!!), but also saying that the firmware will NEVER be made public (free)!!!!!! How could he NOT learn from the disaster last time???

The release of the decryption process is bad for this reason(this is a shortened timeline of the 360's drive hacking process:
Scene -Xbox360 Drives get dumped, firmwares modified.
Result(MS): After various attempts at vendor changes, new securities, plus the removal of specific vendor commands (cdb's).
Result(scene): All securities bypassed, modified firmware goes public.
Reaction(MS):New vendor, LiteOn. Drives have firmware encryption, no serial security.
Result(Scene): THQ created and Firmware encryption defeated, modified firmware goes public. (12/22/08)
Reaction(MS): Cracks barbed wire whip at LiteOn and likely threatens to nullify contract. Liteon encrypts serial output
Result(scene): c4e creates foundmy agreement, goes public 8/03/09 and geremia releases decryption routine to combat foundmy agreement within 48 hours (08/05/09)
Result(MS): 93450 released, all serial output vendor commands removed.

When you condense the life timeline of the firmware hacking you can clearly see the reaction from Microsoft, and how it affects 'the scene'. The pattern is very clear, and the logic behind business circumstantially proves the facts of the pattern. I did not bother with the samsung hitachi days as it would be alot of typing, and I've surely done enough of that here?? smile.gif smile.gif With each release of defeated securities, a new security is added, along with *the removal* of vendor commands specific to each individual process that allowed hackers to modify and publicize the hack. If the vulnerability is not made known to the public, then there is no patching. This is 'guesswork' and it can happen in any scene with regards to security, we do not see any pattern of it in the xbox360! People like c4e and others involved within our former group, or others within the scene who have done similar work (firmware modification). It is a fact that there are several people who modified their hitachi, with security/dmi support - before c4e hit the scene and released his modifications!!

Now that the pin lift method is out of the bag, the next release will have that patched. With serial key data output patched after Geremia released his decryption tool on August 5th, named FreeKey. The 93450's started showing up several months after FreeKey.

RIP THQ, formerly known as 'Team Jungle'. I said straight forward "you are destroying the group" with a foundmy key solution. I was wrong. It was destroyed the moment the topic of LiteOn's needing a hardware addon....a benefit to the chinese! Solutions were found, and if I had been present I would have opted for time and work. That work would have found the software key output that was encrypted, and the decryption, and a system I envisioned: A public encrypted key decryption server(s) that handled users key output requests efficiently, immediately, and free. This would have not required distributors time and labor costs, and would have allowed the public! The "Team Jungle" twitter going on is being done by the developer of Jungle Flasher, who is communicating c4e's progress. While c4e did the firmware mods for THQ, he unfortunately helped push forward the demise of the group and has gone his own way.

At this time I would like to state that I have unfairly accused Geremia with heroism. Just as I cannot expect people to justify my actions regarding foundmy, prior to knowing the complete details as described above, Geremia would have to know the details of our situation in order to do something portraying an antagonist. While I firmly believe the above *evidence* supports my theory of consistent vulnerabilities patching and that his release of FreeKey got the 93450 released, his pin-lift disclosure will cause a new 9xxxx series that, while regardless would have come out, will *now*(key word. context implies change)come with a modified MTK that patches routines that allowed for the pin-lift trick to work.

While in spirit, what Geremia is doing is the most pure positive hacker behavior. His spirit is absolutely commendable. I appreciate this very much from him. What I heavily critisize is his decision making process. If he would work with the former team, instead of against (and this goes both ways c4e!!!! ugh!), then methods would be easily found using what vulnerabilities were still present. With bypasses used, the track record of patching holes that were not publicized is excellent : It doesnt exist!!!! This means MS has to patch bypass first. This gives us much longer lifetime for each series, or the extention of hackable series within that product family. So, to Geremia: Work with! The sky is the limit. This *should* kill all greed and everyone should be on the same side now that the 'gig is up' so to speak!

I would also like to say that regardless of c4e's actions, this scene as a entity should always remember the history and positive efforts of time after time after time of c4e straight forward "following through" with his promises. He is on point for hacking all the new drives, doing his part with lightspeed (alot of time is on the other members tasks!!!) and usually flawless!!!

I have had the pleasure of working with c4e for over 3 years now. As a hacker and using a hackers mentality, was the most positive and selfless of personalities that you could ever ask for. He preformed the duties and spent the time scouring that firmware for each drive that was released, trying to find each and every hole, securities, dangers and featuresa possible and providing the scene time and time again with ixtreme series! If you can take someone with such a incredibly positive personality, who for 3...THREE YEARS...provided for free, what software engineers are doing on a daily basis for their companies. With the exception of *most* of them not doing a boatload of Reverse Engineering smile.gif

So while c4e and geremia have both done good and bad (relatively speaking!), they are both good people at heart. We know they are very very good programmers smile.gif Their work is flawless! Lets all work together and make the decisions with a team mentality! With great minds thinking alike, then there is recourse! Not all is lost on one poor soul's decision!

There is one lesson to everyone that I would appreciate taking the time to learn out of all of this hard work, sweat, and frustrations.

Everyone that is good at heart may eventually be corrupted through the stressful frustrations of repeated lack of appreciation through the expression of verbal complaint, combined with the lack of income for what is realistically long, hard, work.

Asking for donations now might appear as if this was some money making scheme. Therefore I will not propose to do so. However, I will interject that rewarding someone for their efforts over years of a time table, might relieve some of the stress associated with this type of work. A little here and there might prevent the illusion of wealth by a projection of generosity to outweigh the often overwhelming annoyance of apathetic non appreciative people.

-Iriez *reserved for the trolls*

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Dec 01, 2009 10:27 PM

iXtreme v1.6 for Liteon 83V2 and 93450 - Better Dumping Method

carranzafp/Maximus released a modified version of the Lite-On iXtreme v1.6 to work with the 83850-v2 and 93450 drives:

Just finished hexediting and testingHere are templates for Ixtreme 1.6 for 83V2 and 93450 liteon firmwareswhat you need to do is place your keys/serials on it and flash
use Jungleflasher or Hexedit, whatever, keep you original stored for future upgrades

Dont ask why you got banned if you play Online with this firmware, its 1.6, also I just tested with 2 consoles so its your call the fws are based on the 83v1 ixtreme 1.6 I could have do it based on the 74 but Its the first I saw, dont think based on the 74 would make them safer anyway.

Download: n/a (might be illegal under DMCA/EUCD)
News-Source: carranzafp on XBH

In related news, MRA released a new and better method to dump/read those Lite-On 83850-v2 and 93450 drives:

No pin lifting or epoxy removing needed anymore! Just solder anything on the back according to this picture. Also if you got status 0x52 instead of 0x72 with the "1,8V-method" this should do it. I already dumped 4 drives with this method without any issues.

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Nov 29, 2009 05:51 AM

Liteon 83850-v2 and Liteon 93450 DVD Key Can Now Be Dumped?

There have been several news reports on of users having success in dumping the entire firmware including the important keys of the newest un-moddable Liteon DVD drives. The methods posted so far are not for the beginner so do so at your own risk. The method seem crude at the moment, no doubt some easier methods will surface shortly. Remember with that DVD key you can install any flash-able DVD drive to that once un-moddable Xbox 360. Good job to all involved !

* Lift pin 101 and 122 (The MT Chip)
* Solder a cable to pin 100, pin 101 and one to 3,3V
* Use a 2-way switch which either connects 101 to 3,3V or to 100
* Put the switch into the position so that it connects 100 to 101
* Power drive
* Start Dosflash, it will recognise the SPI with Status x72
* If you read it out now, it will just give you a .bin full of FFFFFFFF, but thats OK, this is how we tricked the Flash Controller to think the SPI is empty
* Put the switch in the other position (so that 101 is connected to 3,3V)
* Now read the flash

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Nov 23 2009, 05:05 PM

Team Jungle Tweets About The iXtreme LT Firmware

Team Jungle have been updating their Twitter Page regarding development of the forthcoming iXtreme LT firmware from C4E. Looks like they are having a great time with it, kinda reminds us of XB1 BIOS development in the old days :)

Here are some direct quotes - you can read the full posts on their Twitter Page - some interesting points, particularly regarding SplitVid.
* Lots of performance data put into fw!
* Note: backups need to have SplitVid from now on to be safe for LT
* LT is not only Lite Touch, lots of great new code making this version the most accurate fw eva! :)
* New code looking good, lots of new code!
* iXtreme LT for all drives, in dev/testing and going well. No ETA!

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Nov 16 2009, 06:05 PM

Xbox-scene on Twitter and Facebook! and we're on FaceBook too currently it's just running as a test. Might add it to frontpage somewhere once I know it all works right.I hope this work out for the best because keeping up on the New Update's from the X-Scene can be challenging, become a Follower of the Scene!

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Nov 11, 2009 08:54 AM

Abgx360 v1.0.2 released! Features/Functions...

- Added support for 4th Wave PFI/Video
- Added support for SS v2
- Added the new check for DMI corruption which the database has been using since 2009/06/14
- Added ability to at least try to verify the game data when no Xex/SS ini is available and we're not going to AutoFix
- Added support for Avatar Awards
- Added option to select your preferred language to use when displaying strings from the Xex title resource
- Added drag & drop support for the GUI Input panel
- Added option to embed images in the HTML source code as data URIs for better portability (when using HTML output)
- Added JavaScript to HTML output that allows you to check off achievements and see the achieved text (especially useful when the how-to text is vague)
- Added a Donate button to the GUI so you can help me pay the bills and continue working on improvements :)
- Fixed a bug where folders would be considered files when parsing the ISO filesystem on some recent games
- Fixed a bug where (a temporary file used when decompressing a compressed default.xex) wasn't being deleted automatically
- Fixed a bug where unicode code point 160 (no-break space) would be displayed in a CLI window as " ?" instead of " "
- Small changes to the way some messages are displayed (harder to miss)
- GameNameLookup.csv is now optional (the csv was eating 50% of our bandwidth and you probably don't need it anyway since the game name can be retrieved directly from the Xex)
- Removed "Look for verified files in the local folder only" option from the GUI. I can't tell you how many people have checked this box without reading it because they saw it in a tutorial or someone else told them to do it, and then they can't figure out why abgx360 says you need to enable online functions. Please stop writing/following tutorials! Just read the Quickstart topics, the tutorial is right there.

Changes affecting Windows:

- Now storing data files in the AppData folder to prevent errors related to permissions and UAC. You can open the GUI and hit Ctrl+F to find out where your StealthFiles are now stored and optionally have it opened for you. abgx360 will still check for Video ISOs in the old install directory first though, so you don't need to move that 3rd Wave Video ISO if you have it saved there already. Using libcurl 7.19.6 which should hopefully fix some strange connection problems affecting a small percentage of users

Changes affecting Linux/BSD:

- Fixed a bug on 64 bit systems which made it impossible to read PFI/Video exceptions from abgx360.dat
- Added code to the unix version of kbhit() to prevent hanging when abgx360 is launched as a background process

Changes affecting Mac OS X:

- Fixed a bug where abgx360 would fail to launch if you supplied a filename that contained an apostrophe
- Changed the dark gray text used for things like achievement type to normal gray since it was actually showing up black (invisible on a black background)
- Removed GUI option to "Use Terminal font characters" (this refers to a Windows font which replicates CP437 characters and not

Special Note: It's recommended to wait for iXtreme LT (Lite Touch) before you play any more backups or originals on an unbanned console flashed with.

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Nov 9 2009, 09:43 PM

New DVD FW in dev/test - iXtreme LT (Lite Touch)

C4Eva announced he's working on a new firmware on IRC:
"[c4eva] new fw in dev/test - iXtreme LT (Lite Touch) - more efficient , minimal patching , all aspects of fw indistinguishable from orig, no more bans, No ETA!"

We do not have more details atm. As far as we know the 3 'test boxes' C4Eva has running are still fine (not banned). So there's NO ETA for the firmware yet (don't ask) but it should come out for Lite-On drives first.

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Oct 29 2009, 06:53 PM

Team HyperX IXtreme v1.61 FW for Samsung and BenQ Drives Updated!

A new version (v1.61) of the iXtreme DVD Firmware for both Samsung and BenQ DVD drives has been released. A Lite-on version is still in development and will be released later (NO ETA).

These were released without any type of readme or NFO, but early user reports claim they work fine like v1.6 with added support for 'Wave 4' discs.

* Update Team HyperX now officially released the new firmwares and the readme/nfo confirms it comes with 'Strict' Wave 4 compliance.

* Strict Wave 4 compliance! hybrid (modified disks) will not boot!
Strict Wave 4 compliance means wave 4 games will only boot if they have correct PFI/DMI/SS and timestamp for wave 4

Note for unofficial releases:
It is highly recommended that you do not flash unverified or unofficial releases. We often do not implement specific security features in beta firmwares that are neccessary precaution's to help keep everyone as safe as possible on Xbox Live.

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Oct 18 2009, 11:14 AM

Schtrom360Xtract v4.1 released! Features/Functions...

Schtrom360Xtract is used to backup XBOX360 and XBOX1 game discs in one step.

* Support for iXtreme V1.6.

* Stealth check updated to work with wave 3 and wave 4 games, the wave type is now displayed.

* New Correct SS V1 option added in options dialog for XBOX360 discs This option is deactivated by default, you need to enable it in the options dialog. If activated this option does correct the security sector at disc extraction, image extraction/injection and also during the stealth check. Pay attention that the stealth check will already fail if one challenge/response byte starting at offset 0x200 has a different value than the calculated ss V1. Keep in mind that this will only correct the security sector based on version 1. At the moment no ss version 2 games are out. But if MS is changing to ss V2 it is recommended to deactivate this option until an update of S360X is released. On iXtreme V1.6 firmware and XBOX360 backup disc extraction the Correct SS V1 option is always used no matter what is selected in the options dialog. This is because I haven't found a way until today to read the ss with C/R data from a XBOX360 backup disc on the new iXtreme V1.6 firmware.

* Defaut XBOX360 drive speeds changed for better error correction TS-H943A, VAD6038 and DG-16D2S set to 12x. During tests with the new iXtreme V1.6 it seems that scratched discs have less read errors with increased speeds on XBOX360 drives.

* Send Custom CDB dialog buffer size field changed to support also hexadecimal values The cdb cmd presets are now changed to hexadecimal values. Three new presets for LiteOn DG-16D2S iXtreme V1.6 fw added.

* Inquiry detection of retail XBOX360 drives added This gives you the opportunity to test cdb cmds on retail drives if your atapi.sys is patched. The patching of atapi.sys has to be done by yourself.

* Fixed bug in directory listing for XDVDFS dialog on newer games like Damnation and Batman: Arkham Asylum, games can now be viewed and extracted correctly.

* Stealth.ini updated.

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